WWE 2k19

I’ve been playing this game since the day it came out and figured that I should do a review based on my experiences. first I’ll tell you about the showcase mode which follows the story of Daniel Bryan’s career. You play some of the most epic matches. Starting from when he was Bryan Danielson who was the rookie studying under the Miz and the feud that lead to. And then leading to his return as Daniel Bryan, and you get to fight matches leading up to his injury.

There is also commentary between the matches from Daniel Bryan explaining what he was feeling through those times. I would give the showcase mode a 9/10. Because I’m a Daniel Bryan fan. The next part from the game is the My Player or Career Mode. In this Mode you get to create a fighter. One which represents you on your journey from the indie company to the hall of fame.

At this point in time I haven’t yet reached the hall of fame. But I’ve played enough of it to get a decent take on what this mode is all about. And honestly I love it. you get to make choices about how the career plays out. And depending on how you talk and act around the other superstars, can end up in you getting some amazing matches set up. I would recommend taking the side matches as a lot of them end up being really fun. And the voice acting is a nice touch when it works.

So I guess to finish out the review I would say this game is a great choice if you are a WWE fan. Because despite some of its glitches, it is actually an amazing way of feeling like you are part of the show for at least a while. I would give it a 8/10.

Should you want to buy the game, here are some links to do so: Steam PS4 XBox One

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