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Wolf Play Game is a browser based, kid friendly game in which you can start your own virtual wolf pack, breed, hunt, have pups, sell wolves for mushrooms, dig up artifacts and put them together, explore different terrains, and more. Another thing you can do is role-play as whatever you want (within a PG-13 rating.)

I play this game daily and it’s more fun than it looks a face value. There’s a nice community around the game within all three factions (Lightbringers, Darkseekers, and Neutral.) But there’s more about that and other things necessary to know for the game on the site itself.

So if you want something to do to kill time or to procrastinate from writing blog posts, you can play at wolfplaygame.com

But do consider clicking this shiny banner and becoming my referral to help out my pack.

wpad1 - Wolf Play Game

I’ve played for about a month now, so if you need help do not hesitate to ask. My pack in-game is DesAnt, so do come look at my wolves 🙂

That’s about what I have for my blog post, my rating is 4.2 somehow crafted by wolves Greek Pottery, Grecian Urns out of 5.

Tell me what I should review next in the comments down below, as well as leave any tips and tricks for the game for new players. I might do a post with that myself should that be in demand to do. Now with that said, see you hopefully soon, I’ll try to post more, but I do need suggestions lest I be expected to pull ideas out of the air by myself.

See ya! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wolf Play Game”

  1. This website is a joke. It’s so pay-to-win it puts games like WOW or Runescape to shame. The rules are too strict and the staff are blatantly rude. I’ve been locked out for such menial things so much it’s not even funny.
    I would rate this game 1/10
    I give it that 1 since i did enjoy the breeding aspect, but since asking how the game works is against the rules i just give up (who makes it against the rules?!). It gets boring rather quickly and the community is so toxic.

    1. How is it pay to win? I’ve never seen anywhere to spend any real money. Although to be fair, I didn’t really look. I also tried to play WOW and couldn’t even figure out how to pay without paying, though to be fair to them it has been years. I was young and not very bright at that point.

      It has also been a long time since I’ve even touched this game. It could have changed. I don’t know anymore. You have a wonderful day and thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂

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