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What Should I Do Now? – Achieving Goals

What To Do

Howdy ho my fellow Internet Explorers. I don’t really have much news today. My check came in the mail today but that’s about it. I used it to open a new checking account which I will activate tomorrow and I’m very excited to have money again, with the ability to make my own purchases. I already explained my shopping list but I cannot wait to get my transition gear I’m constantly window shopping for the best gear for the price. Maybe I’ll do a review of it here when I make my first purchase. I’m very excited for that day.

Future Goals to Do Next

I suppose I can tell some of my future plans. I’m going to attempt to save up for a new computer for myself. And for my partner because I feel bad for theirs getting stolen while in my care. I plan to also start learning to drive again from my father. Who is proven better at teaching me than my mother. from there under the assumption I can do that, I will be saving for a new car. I plan to buy used because buying new is never a good idea unless you’re rich enough to not care about money. My dream car is a green Prius. I just like how it looks and I hear it’s a good mileage typically. If I can do that I will be completely independent.

Goodbye For Now!

That being said, that is all the time I have for you today. Don’t forget to leave a like down below if you liked this post. And Comment what you want to see in the next post. Also subscribe to make sure you don’t miss the next post. But if you just can’t wait to see a post you can Click Here to read a previous post, or click around the site menu.

I love all of you long time, and I will see all you dudes in the next post!

5 thoughts on “What Should I Do Now? – Achieving Goals”

    1. I do aspire to be an inspiration and a beacon of hope to others around me. Thank you, and the commenter above me for allowing me the privilege to inspire you!

  1. Good for you on learning to drive! Nice to hear people being sensible and buying a car that they can afford instead of putting themselves in massive debt for a brand new car that they can’t really afford. I think there are more important things in life than having the newest thing on the market.

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