What I Think Of The Coronavirus Challenge

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What I Think Of The Coronavirus Challenge


Intro and Explanation

Hey all you guys, gals, and non-binary pals out there! Today I wanted to have a talk with the the generations out there. Old and young. No matter what, I don’t care who dares you to do it or how bad you want to be famous. Do not partake in the Coronavirus Challenge. Now, if you are one of the people in the audience who doesn’t know what the Coronavirus Challenge is. I will tell you. In essence to partake in the challenge, you film yourself licking a toilet seat or a doorknob, or something else unsanitary.

If it sounds disgusting and idiotic, that’s because it is. We are in an international dilemma. This is not the time to be stupid. And I’m not saying it’s generational. People of all ages are perfectly capable of making stupid decisions. But this is me reaching out to tell you that this stupid idea is monumentally a bad one. Because it doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone around you as well.

If you get sick you could countless others sick as well. So I ask you to not partake in this challenge. But too instead take part in the challenge of taking this virus down!


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