Happy Birthday To My Father – A Very Special Day!

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Happy Birthday To My Father – A Very Special Day!

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Father Birthday Party Set Up, Milestone

Happy Birthday To The World’s Best Father!

Hello all, a really late post for you today. I spent most of the day scheming on how to make the day for my father as special as possible on his birthday. It was a rocky start with a very flammable attempt at pancakes by me. Luckily my baby bro came in to save the day with his superior cooking prowess. We still have not finished the pancakes. After my kitchen fiasco my main contribution came into play.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work For My Father

I bought a cake. A marble cake to be exact. Everyone made their own contribution. Dad’s girlfriend bought the present, I got the cake, My brother made the breakfast, and my aunt got the card. It all conveyed just how much we really love him. Personally I love him a lot and attribute a vast majority of my current success to him taking me in after my mom gave me the boot. I want to have immortalized for all to see that I love my father more than I can express. I love you dad, you’re my hero and just like you always say I will always be your baby and I hope you never stop seeing that.

My birthday is coming in just a couple of days and I think my little brother has a plan. I’m not gonna try to ruin it though. I think I’ll like whatever surprise he comes up with.

Goodbye For Now!

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I love all of you long time, and I will see all you dudes in the next post!



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