My Thrift Store Story: Why I work there

Hey guys, as most of you may know, I work in my local thrift store. I’m going to tell you how and why I came to work there and why I no longer wish to be employed there. My main reasoning for working there is that no other worker’s rights laws abiding work place would take me it seemed. I did work at a Dunkin Doughnuts. But I said law abiding. I was still a minor at the time, only 17. I worked there only a week.

Why did I quit? I was not given a lunch break, something legally required to be offered if working a certian number of hours. You work the hours, you get a 30 minute uninterrupted break, minors especially. But I was told not to take one, there was no time.

I was also publicly mocked by the owner of the franchise in which I worked for having a hearing impairment. I worked 38 hours the week I worked there and got no lunch break and was publicly humiliated by the owner of the shop over my birth defect. We didn’t sue, but I wish we did. Now onto the Thrift Store part.

That led to me quitting there and to work at the Thrift Store, nowhere near as bad. Obeys the laws, I like my co-workers and managers well enough. (I shall not state where because it gives a clue to my state in which I live. It is in the US, that is all you need to know.) But the problem is mostly me. I can’t handle the stress the work causes me. and my main job is hanging up the clothes! Voices tell me that I’m a horrible employee and because of that I’ll be fired soon. I know they’re all in my head. But it doesn’t make dealing with the voices any less hard.

I kept calling off for various reasons. Family deaths, sickness, injury. I never lied, they were all legitimate. But it ended with me having 2 strikes and working five hours a week and ten every two weeks. At $8.81 per hour that is not that much.

I want to move out of my mother’s house and in with my partners. I have plans to move into an apartment complex close to my house. And I can’t do that on my salary. But I also can’t apply anywhere else. The voices tell me I’ll be terrible no matter where I go. I tried recently to fill out an application to Best Buy. But I only made it 30% the way through before they made me shut it down.

I am on medication for the voices and depression, but they don’t always work. I don’t know what else to do and I feel powerless. My only option currently is to keep working my current job and making no money. No moving out for me until I can go to the SSA with my aunt in toe to apply for disability, because this truly is debilitating. This effects my work. My personal life. My every day.

Well, that was a rant and a half. I think that’s enough for one day. Let me know what you guys want me to review next in the comments. But you guys seem to really like personal blogs more. Maybe I’ll consider doing more rants and stories. If you guys want, that is.

I feel like I should mention the voices are also why the Halloween Spooktacular kinda fell off. The voices made me too stressed to write. So I couldn’t. I’ll see you all next time. See ya! Oh. Before I forget. Please no insulting or spammy comments about my condition. I can’t help it, but I’m trying. I thank you all for your amazing support by reading my blog.


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