The Last Of Us: Left Behind Review (Minor Spoilers)

Hey all! I’m back with a continued review from my last, reviewing the DLC for the game in my previous Review, The Last of Us. This game is the story of Ellie and how she found out she was immune to the virus. She was sneaking out of Military Preparatory School or “Orphanage” as she calls it with her best friend Riley who ran away to join the fireflies and came back to try to rekindle their close bond.

While out they have fun at an abandoned mall until they attract the attention of a mob of Infected by playing loud music. Why you would play loud music when you are literally trained by the military to know that the things that are trying to kill you are attracted by sound, I will never know. But let’s ignore that fact for a second.

The gameplay itself is really creative and relaxed for taking place in the world it does, it’s like being a “Neanderthal teen” in some big abandoned building and not really much in an apocalypse setting. You know, until they play the loud music like they expected that to be safe. But nonetheless, great game.

I do not wish to spoil any of the main content of the game, so this is about as much as I can say. But, you can leave a comment to reccomend what I should review next!

With that said, I give The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC 5 Knives out of 5 🙂 See ya later!

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