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Rick and Morty Halloween Spooktaculer! Day 11!

Welcome to my first impression of Rick and Morty for our Halloween Spooktacular! I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do this all month, but I’m already a third the way through if you don’t do the math accurately! I’m not watching in any particular order and have only seen two episodes of which gave me a general gist of the main cast.

Morty wants to prove himself to Rick who I think already believes in him whether he says it or not. Rick is a pretentious but secretly loving in small ways jerk. There are many of the two in multiple universes across the multiverse and all of them are different in some way.

Summer is the granddaughter, Jerry is the son-in-law, Beth is the daugther, all in relation to Rick. Morty is also Rick’s Grandson, Summer’s younger brother, and Beth and Jerry’s son. The show unsurprisingly revolves around Rick and Morty, but a shock to me it mostly seems to revolve around Rick.

Probably because I’m used to Cartoon Network and the cartoons revolving around kids. Yes, I watch Cartoon Network. If you read my review on Steven Universe, you would know that. Yes, Steven Universe is from Cartoon Network.

Anywho, I believe I’ll keep watching Rick and Morty, if you haven’t, I recommend you start. You can purchase season 1 for viewing here.

Well that’s about all the time I have for this review. Have a Spooktacular October! What should I review next? Leave me a suggestion in the comments! See ya!

I give Rick and Morty so far, 4.5 Portal Guns out of 5. Minus 0.5 Portal Guns for ripping off Portal though. Just kidding, I’m just not a fan of excessive profanity. Though there is something charming about the cursing in this.

Ok, I’m really gonna shut up this time. Goodnight!