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Halloween Spooktacular Day 10! BronzeMiner Spooky Map

Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing a smaller youtube channel upon the request of said channel which I shall link here. I’m counting this for the Spooktacular as she did play a spooky Halloween map and various other spooky things.

Like Roblox, Minecraft, Vlogging. This girl does it all. An undiscovered Markiplier I’d venture. He started out with Minecraft too. Currently at 38 subscribers, she has more than I ever hope to have. I basically don’t even use mine anymore and use my boyfriend’s channel for minecraft linked here.

A word of advice to the BronzeMiner, make longer videos. Not only will it make people more likely to actually watch. (Because if it’s longer it seems to interest people more.) But it will also give you more “Watch Minutes” which goes into the YouTube Algorithm in a confuzzling way. It’s mainly how your channel is promoted on the website and how you get your revenue if you make any. I do not. But you might.

I personally love Minecraft. And by extension, Minecraft videos. So if you follow with my advice, you may very well have a new subscriber. Another good thing to use is Facecam in your videos. It makes it more personal, and therefore more likely to keep people watching. I would love to see that, I like playing games with my friends. So I would watch you regularly probably, if you have a facecam.

Beyond that, you’re doing ok. Even getting people to advertise for you like a pro! Well folks, I guess that is all the time I have for this review. Before I go, I was requested to write review articles for writer’s credit and publicity on another website. Should I do it? Let me know in the comments! Also tell me what I should review next!

See Ya!