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IT and Pennywise the Clown! Halloween Spooktacular Day 8!

Let me be clear, the IT in which I am reviewing today is the ORIGINAL, not the NEW one. I will not be reviewing the new one until it is requested. I don’t like clowns at all and only saw this one as a dare years ago and remember about it. I’m not even sure if Pennywise is in the new one or if he goes by a different name

But since I saw it, I can and will review it. I may as well do something constructive with my childhood torment right? Anyways, It starts with a little boy chasing a paper boat in the water, then Pennywise nabs him kills him. Cut to the brother mourning. And the parents actually yell at him for being in his dead brother’s room.

I am going to go on a bit of a tangent here. In my opinion, anyone can grieve however they darn well please within legal bounds. What this boy did was not illegal. The parents should not have been angry. If you have two children and one dies, your responsibility is to that second child. You can mourn too, but unless it leads to physical harm of anyone, they may also mourn however they want. Period.

Back to Pennywise, he kills a bunch of people, yadda yadda. No one knows how to stop him. The kids team up to kill him. Old Horror song and dance that everyone knows. As a result they kill the thing and go on. but as adults they realize it didn’t exactly work. And so they go back to do it all again.

I won’t spoil more. I believe I spoiled too much already. But anyways, like I said. I will not be doing the new IT until it is requested in the comments. So if you want that, get typing! 🙂

I give Pennywise 2.5 screams out of 5. you can buy it here.

See ya!

Reviewing Slendytubbies! Halloween Spooktacular Day 3!

Before we begin our review of Slendytubbies, you can play the game for free here

Slendytubbies starts with the normal but even more poorly animated Teletubbies doing their thing. Playing with their tummies, eating Tubbiecustard, cleaning with Nu-Nu. The normal day. But they go to bed and wake up in the middle of the night to find Tinky Winky (the purple one) gone. He’s crazy eyed and out for Tubbieblood. It’s played basically as a copy-paste of Slenderman, only potentailly more creepy by using your own toddlerhood memories against you.

I never personally played this game, but a YouTuber I’ve been watching for years did. I will link his gameplay here The graphics was snowy, like an old tv. That made the game a little scary even with the disconnect of not actually playing. But in the end,it is only a copy. Slenderman was, is, and always will be better, mostly because it was first.

All in all not a bad game, fun, a little creepy, and most of all, free. I would play it if I have no plans for Halloween, which I usually don’t. I would certainly recommend playing this game in the dark as you eat the Halloween candy supposed to be pass out to kids. You know you’ve done it, now play a game along with it.

I give this game 3 Baby Suns out of 5. For the fact that is a good, free game. But is literally just a Slenderman copy-paste.