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Rick and Morty Halloween Spooktaculer! Day 11!

Welcome to my first impression of Rick and Morty for our Halloween Spooktacular! I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do this all month, but I’m already a third the way through if you don’t do the math accurately! I’m not watching in any particular order and have only seen two episodes of which gave me a general gist of the main cast.

Morty wants to prove himself to Rick who I think already believes in him whether he says it or not. Rick is a pretentious but secretly loving in small ways jerk. There are many of the two in multiple universes across the multiverse and all of them are different in some way.

Summer is the granddaughter, Jerry is the son-in-law, Beth is the daugther, all in relation to Rick. Morty is also Rick’s Grandson, Summer’s younger brother, and Beth and Jerry’s son. The show unsurprisingly revolves around Rick and Morty, but a shock to me it mostly seems to revolve around Rick.

Probably because I’m used to Cartoon Network and the cartoons revolving around kids. Yes, I watch Cartoon Network. If you read my review on Steven Universe, you would know that. Yes, Steven Universe is from Cartoon Network.

Anywho, I believe I’ll keep watching Rick and Morty, if you haven’t, I recommend you start. You can purchase season 1 for viewing here.

Well that’s about all the time I have for this review. Have a Spooktacular October! What should I review next? Leave me a suggestion in the comments! See ya!

I give Rick and Morty so far, 4.5 Portal Guns out of 5. Minus 0.5 Portal Guns for ripping off Portal though. Just kidding, I’m just not a fan of excessive profanity. Though there is something charming about the cursing in this.

Ok, I’m really gonna shut up this time. Goodnight!


Costumes! Halloween Spooktacular Day 9!

What do you want to be for Halloween? What costume should you wear? Let’s solve this problem together as the friends I hope we are or at least will become. There are many different types of costumes. Heros, villians, monsters, movie characters, video game characters, etc. But what do you want to be? Scary? Friendly? Loving? Maybe you have a theme!

As I mentioned in a previous post. I want to be the Miraculous Ladybug from the french cartoon Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noire. Fun fact: Noire is french for Black, so Cat (sometimes pronounced Chat) is Cat (Chat) Black. Because his Miraculous and Costumes are black.

My second choice would be Link, but sadly I cannot find that costume at any price I can afford either. But back to what you should choose. Maybe you want to be a hero. I do not recommend Superman or anyone from that universe. Why? Because everyone is going to do it. In fact, why not make up a Super Hero?

Or you could be a lesser known hero, like Blue Ear. A greatly hearing impaired Marvel Character who lost a majority of his hearing and thus came into possession of his Blue Ear, a supersonic hearing aid that allows him to hear trouble across town. You could a hero like that, the hero we all need and deserve. Because everyone deserves a hero.

The Blue Ear is a real hero by marvel, I’ll link the wiki .

You could be that guy. Or maybe a villain like Slade or the lesser known Batwoman, no, not the super hero. The older Super Villain. You can read about her and others in the link here

Well that’s about all the time I have for today. Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

What should I post next?

Reviewing Slendytubbies! Halloween Spooktacular Day 3!

Before we begin our review of Slendytubbies, you can play the game for free here

Slendytubbies starts with the normal but even more poorly animated Teletubbies doing their thing. Playing with their tummies, eating Tubbiecustard, cleaning with Nu-Nu. The normal day. But they go to bed and wake up in the middle of the night to find Tinky Winky (the purple one) gone. He’s crazy eyed and out for Tubbieblood. It’s played basically as a copy-paste of Slenderman, only potentailly more creepy by using your own toddlerhood memories against you.

I never personally played this game, but a YouTuber I’ve been watching for years did. I will link his gameplay here The graphics was snowy, like an old tv. That made the game a little scary even with the disconnect of not actually playing. But in the end,it is only a copy. Slenderman was, is, and always will be better, mostly because it was first.

All in all not a bad game, fun, a little creepy, and most of all, free. I would play it if I have no plans for Halloween, which I usually don’t. I would certainly recommend playing this game in the dark as you eat the Halloween candy supposed to be pass out to kids. You know you’ve done it, now play a game along with it.

I give this game 3 Baby Suns out of 5. For the fact that is a good, free game. But is literally just a Slenderman copy-paste.

Reviewing Happy Death Day! Spooktacular Reviews

Ready for All Hallows Eve? You can prepare with this movie, Happy Death Day coming to a theater near you on Friday October 13th. You can watch the trailer here. Personally I like the types of horror movies similar to Happy Death Day. Not for the blood, but for the suspense. Who is the Killer? Why are they doing this? Why is she reliving the day over and over again? I know it’s so she can solve her murder, but why is she able to? I mean, does she have powers? Is the killer doing this because they want her to know?

There is something in the trailer itself beyond that aesthetic that bothers me. When she writes notes to herself with clues about the killer. I’m not worried about the clues being in obvious places, because when she is killed going back to the beginning of the day should reset it anyway. So no one would have seen it. But that is the problem. If they day resets with no changes, the clues are missing and must be rewritten every time.

I am sure that the notes will be there when she wakes from death in the morning either with or without more likely some explanation as to why they still exist. These are the kind of continuity errors I hate. I will only accept something that shouldn’t be happening if explained in a way that makes logical sense and is not obviously some excuse. Though I do not know much about this movie except for what I can gather from the trailer linked above. I do know that this movie has some of what I deem very credible people on the team, so you bet I’m going to see it.

As for whether or not you should, not if you can’t stand a lot of gore, blood, suspense, and jumpscares most likely. I’m going to try to look past any time based continuity errors, but if you can’t I don’t recommend watching, you may only end up angering yourself.

I give Happy Death Day an unknown for now until I can actually see the movie. Though I May not be able to on opening night, but it is definitely on my watch list.