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Happy Easter Sunday Internet Explorers!

Happy Easter!

Hello my fellow internet explorers! It is a wonderful Easter morning today! Now I say this because that’s what day it is to me, because that does not change regardless of if you celebrate. If you are going to celebrate with me, great. If not, also great. You do your own thing. I will not be attending church as I consider myself an agnostic atheist. But I will be attending family dinner and actually already received a bag of candy from my father and a gift from one of my aunts while at work the other day.

My Easter bag from my father contained Reese’s cups, Hershey Kisses, Jelly Beans, and a chocolate rabbit. I hope all the kids across the land have bountiful Easter Egg Hunts and get wonderful surprises and pictures with their respective Easter Bunny’s. I might watch really old Easter Movies and I encourage everyone who celebrates to do so as well. Even if you don’t celebrate, they aren’t bad movies. I really like Here Comes Peter Cottontail, the original one from 1971.

Surprise Easter Review

The graphics are terrible, granted. But it was a very good movie for its time and I believe it is worth watching in spite of the old-fashioned way of animation. Ben 10 said it best “Just because something is really old, doesn’t mean it isn’t cool.” to give the movie an official Evereview I give Here Comes Peter Cottontail (1971) Four Green St. Patrick’s Day Eggs out of Five

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Have a Happy Easter my Internet Explorers! and I will see all you dudes, in the next post!

Comeback In Time For Easter!

Comeback Kid

Salutations Internet, It’s the Evereviewer. Back at it again with the white Vans and dead memes. I got a new life in a new town and a new reason to keep writing. I found out why I went on writing binges and blackouts with my diagnosis of Bipolar disorder. Makes perfect sense to me. But now I’m on proper medications that are working wonders for me in any way I can think of. And now it’s time for the Comeback kid.

My goal is daily blogs with at least one actual review per week starting tomorrow. Tonight is purely an update blog. I had to move out of my previous home due to creative differences with my mother. But That is all in the past. Another big change is that I began to transition from female to male. I’m going by the name Dustin now. But you all can still call me the owner of the website or Evereviewer if you are so inclined to.

In other news my new home is now in the grand old state of West Virginia. It’s honestly not too bad here, has its own Pride Center with a support group, I have an amazing therapist and psychiatrist who know what they’re doing. But above all is the family connection I now have with my father again. I have a special surprise to come in about another month or so for all of you lovely people of the internet. So please subscribe so that you don’t miss out on it.

With that being said, that is all the time I have for tonight so I will see all you dudes in the next personal blog! See you next time!

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