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Should I Go Back to Daily Blogs?

Hey there guys and girls, and everyone in between too! I don’t really have a review planned for today. This blog is more just a big question. What do you guys think I should do? I really don’t know if I can handle doing long posts every day, then advertising it out so other people can see it. What I’m saying is I need input on what to do and help to do it.

I want to open the blog up to the community. We at Evereview want you to be able to take part and be able to post your own experiences to help others avoid the bad and get to the good. I was thinking about opening up guest posting to our blog here. And yes I do mean OUR. I couldn’t do this without you guys! Now I understand the risks of opening up posting power to the public.

It runs the risk of them posting fake reviews with fake positive and negative points. But I will do everything within my power to prevent that, and you can too, because you can call out inaccurate posts or just talk about your experiences in the comments. Maybe even add pictures to your posts if I can figure out how to get that capability on the site.

What do you guys think about that? I think it’s a good idea as it means you’ll hear more details from more people and I won’t have to do all the work to put a post on the site every day anymore. I have a system to weed out the spam too, at least I think it will work to block spam guests posts.

But that’s about all the time I have for now. Oh, before I forget. I have added the ability to customize you WordPress user profiles. You can add your Gender, an “About Me”, and your website. You can also now “friend” each other and be notified when your friend posts or comments. I don’t know what else I can make happen but this is a cool feature right?

Any who, I should go now and you should be freed to get on with your day. As a result, Goodbye, and I will see all you dudes, In the next review! Bye guys!