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Surprise Time! – I Finally Tell All You’ve Been Waiting For!


Howdy all my fellow Internet Explorers! The time has finally arrived to show all you lovely readers the wonderful Surprise that I have been trying to keep under wraps. That surprise is, the publishing of my book! It’s finally ready for the world to read and you can purchase it Here. For $3.99 USD and keep it forever on the free to download kindle app. Which is available today on most devices!

Support and Surprise Continued

I do so hope that many of my friends via the internet will gather to see the beauty that is what I have slaved over for the last 6 years to turn into the work of art it is today. I have to say though, do not let the cover fool you as it is not for young children as the Dr. Seuss-like artwork on the cover may make it seem. I had the cover made that way for a reason. So that those who bother to look in side know the age old saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover”

I also wanted to tip the hat to one of my favorite authors from my early childhood. And the origin from the phrase pictured above where a portion of the book revolves around. This is my life’s dream in the making and I cannot wait for it to shine through!

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

That being said, That is all the time I have for you today my fellow internet explorers. Don’t forget to leave a like if you liked this post and comment down below what you want me to post about next! And Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss whatever next is! But if you can’t wait for the next one. You can click Here to read the previous post and click around to read more.

One Last Shameless Plug!

Please do purchase the book if you are interested or at least give it a click Here.

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    1. Thank you much. If you look there is a rose on the cover. That represents my grandmother Rose who died of cancer two years ago. I had a rose put on the cover to honor her memory in every copy of the book that I ever sell forever.

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