Roadmap To A Cure (Hydrocephalus Awareness)

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Roadmap To A Cure (Hydrocephalus Awareness)

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Roadmap To A Cure

Roadmap To A Cure

Hello my fellow internet explorers! A lovely early start to my day because my dad woke me up because I mistakenly left the mayo out last night. Honest mistake, it wasn’t out too long. Still good. Anywho I am here to talk about the Roadmap To A Cure for Hydrocephalus. Obviously I am proof that it is indeed a very livable disorder, especially if caught as early as mine was. But there is always something new to be learned and research costs a lot of money. So I’m going to ask you to Donate today.

Why You Should Donate To The Cure

I have already shared the gist of my story about living with Hydrocephalus in a previous post. And I want everyone else to have it as easy as I do living with the disorder. Donating is totally not obligatory, but you will have my eternal gratitude, and the gratitude of everyone with the disorder. And if you yourself are a sufferer, I want you to know that you are not alone and I am with you, this disorder is very common to be born with. 1 in every 500 children just in the US alone. And if you got it by injury, I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve it and please do not blame yourself. I am with you too.

Goodbye for Now

Well my fellow internet explorers, that is all I have for you today. Don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed reading it. And subscribe by signing in with wordpress to make sure you never miss a post. But if you can’t wait for the next one you can Click Here to read the previous post. You can also Buy My Book I love all you internet explorers long time and I will see all you guys, gals, and non-binary pals in the next post. Bye bye!


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