Reviewing The Last of Us (Spoilers)

The Last of Us is a Zombie Survival game with a story, you start out the Game as Sarah a girl seeming to be between the age of 11 and 14. She is waiting in the living room for her father, Joel, to arrive. He does as he argues with his brother Tommy about a contractor. Sarah gives him a present as it is his birthday,a watch. But she falls asleep only to be woken hours later by her uncle urgently asking for Joel.

This is where we find that there has been an outbreak of a virus that takes over the brain.

But if you Played this game already, you know that. With The Last of Us 2 finally on the calendar I figured it would be a good idea to give my take on the first game, the DLC, and my expectations and theories for the second.

The point of the game after the intro of “Part 1” is that you travel to take a girl named Ellie to the FireFlies, a group of rebels from the government that believe they can find the cure to the virus. The scary thing about the virus is that is based off a real virus that infects insects and Anthropods, but thankfully not humans.

The reason you must escort Ellie is because she is immune to the virus and the FireFlies believe they can use her to make a vaccine.

It’s a surprisingly long and tedious game to actually make it to the FireFlies, but let’s leave what happens after you get there a surprise 🙂

Up till that point though, you get to fight Infected, team up with NPCs, watch them die, read other people’s stories of how they died on random pieces of paper, all adding up to a grand total 15+ hours of game play depending on how much optional side story you want to take in.

It might be long, especially if you can’t aim, but it’s an amazing game with an amazing story and exceptional dynamic characters.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 Watches

joel s watch by xyafeax d7v98r3 - Reviewing The Last of Us (Spoilers)

This review is running on long, so I shall review the DLC known as The Last of Us: Left Behind on a later date, possibly tomorrow because it would be too perfect, but why is a secret for now 😉

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