Reviewing A Musician to The Max (Valley)!

Hey guys! today I am reviewing a musician. A fairly good one at that. At least in my opinion. I really liked the demo he linked me to, Waves Of Gold. It’s a bit hard to understand in some places over the instruments. But it’s still a great, relaxing song.

In short, I asked him a series of questions in a private message which he answered. Here is what he had to say:

“My name is Max Valley

I got into music when I got a Mac with Garageband. And I was starting to get excited about listening to music. My friend gave me a CD by Noe Venable and I found a CD by Nirvana in my dad’s CD collection that I’d never heard. And I really connected to their music. I also became obsessed with a song called “Torn” that was written by a band called Ednaswap and covered by Natalie Imbruglia.

I got Garageband on my computer and started experimenting with loops and samples and figuring out how to write a song. At first I was just writing songs for the video game I was making, but pretty quickly I started doing it for fun.

And at school, we had to write poetry in English class, and I had one that turned out really well so I started writing lyrics too. Eventually, it all just came together. Then after high school I started learning how to play the guitar and piano

My favorite songs are: Torn by Ednaswap & Natalie Imbruglia, Born to Die by Lana Del Rey, Corvette by Shannon and the Clams, Lullaby by Toupee, and more but I feel like that’s probably too many already 🙂

I’m from the Midwest, the classic flat American plains that some people think are boring and some people love

My music setup is me with a really beat up electric guitar that I need to fix up, Logic Pro on my MacBook and a shure sm57 microphone. I used to use a 4-track tape player and this summer I recorded at a studio in Missoula, Montana

I play guitars, pianos, keyboards, and percussion and I sing! I also really enjoy playing any instrument I can get my hands on. I’ve played banjo, drum kits, singing saw and many others

It was fun to write that. Thanks for asking such interesting questions!”

He seems like a good guy to me, and he’s a good singer with a voice that calms. I nearly fell asleep listening because it was so relaxing! And the instruments sure helped with that. I’ll be sure to listen to his music when I’m stressed. I’m confident it will help. He plays a plethora of instruments and sings, impressive. Like a proper musician. Not to say those who can’t are an improper musician mind you.

I can’t go near an instrument for fear of breaking something. That’s how bad it is. But I still consider myself a musician. I love to sing, and am good at it too. At least that’s what I believe. I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise either, don’t you do it either ok? Follow your dreams just like this man and maybe one day you’ll reach them.

Well this has to be the longest blog post of mine to date with that quote. I’m about out of time. So go watch his rendition of Waves of Gold and subscribe to him, I just might myself. And then leave a comment down below telling me what to review next. I’m getting more requests now that I’ve grown my blog a little and I have all you guys to thank for that. Seriously. Thank you. I couldn’t do this without you and your amazing support.

I’ll link his video once again here. Once again, go subscribe. Also leave a like. If you like it that is. I can’t tell you what to do ya know. I’m not your boss. Okay. I really am gonna stop now. This review is running too long. Thank you for reading this long. You know, unless you skipped to the end. Go back up and actually read it if you did. Please. Okay this is really enough banter.

Thank you for reading. Leave a suggestion for what to review next in the comments. Go subscribe to and watch Max. And I’ll see all you guys in the next review. Goodbye.

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