Reviewing Jay From the Kubz Scouts!

Reviewing Everything That I Possibly Can

Reviewing Jay From the Kubz Scouts!

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Kubz Scouts

Hello my fellow Internet Explorers! It has been a while since I have done a real review. And I was just sitting here at my computer while trying to think about what to write about and watching one of my favorite YouTubers, the Kubz Scouts on an old series that I’ve watched 5 times over because I love it so much. And then it hit me. I should review Jay from the Kubz Scouts because he is THAT DUDE. You kind of have to watch him to get that. You can find his channel Here

But anyways, a bit of backstory. “Jay” from the Kubz Scouts as he and his YouTube friends call him is a pseudonym. His real name is Robert as revealed in his Gameplay of Doki Doki Literature Club. Jay is a gaming YouTuber who plays games on many consoles or even his phone. Though not exclusively for Horror games by any means, he does have a playlist of over 100 videos of just Horror games (Which I have watched in it’s entirety many times.) He also has over 80 videos of an Apocalyptic survival game called 60 Seconds consisting of him playing as Ted and his family surviving the nuclear apocalypse in a bomb shelter with a set of rules supplied in a challenge from his viewers. He has done many other games from Yandere Simulator to Bitlife and I am heavily entertained by his commentary.

I would recommend him 5 cans of tomato soups out of 5!

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