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Top O’ the Mornin’ to ya Laddies! Or whatever time it is you are reading this post at. It’s the Evereviewer back with a new review! This time with the much beloved, and much hated by some, Youtuber known as jacksepticeye. Started in February 2007, jack, or Sean as is his real name, now makes a living off of his YouTube channel. He has over 13 million subscribers and 5 billion total views.

I have been a personal subscriber myself for a bit over a year now. I’ve watched many let’s plays of his, that being his main content. He also occasionally does vlogs, but mainly he is a videogaming YouTuber. He plays a vast variety of games from all types of developers, young or old, established or not. He also plays games from multiple generations, like the old Spyro games, Destroy All Humans, World of Goo, to games more modern like Uncharted 4 and the TellTale Batman series.

As if that’s not enough variety, he also plays games for people of all ages to watch and enjoy, like how World of Goo is a children’s game and how Destroy All Humans is more for adults (though he was a bit bad in this particular series in giving much warning before you saw something mature that told you anyways.)

He also listens to his fans quite well. In his fandom there was a fanmade character which was to be his dark side, Jack apparently liked the idea and featured Antisepticeye for his depute in a Halloween vlog just last month. This shows me that Jack genuinely cares about his fans and is a man of true character.

Jack is a funny guy, entertaining. But, he can also get quite deep and serious, like in the visual novel style game he played long ago called That Dragon, Cancer. It was truly a good game, but a sad one. Within which, Jack remembered his grandmother just before she passed, while it was not from cancer, you could sense the feeling of empathy from him, and I admire him for his willingness to resonate such emotions in front of millions of strangers like he did.

He’s a Jack of All Trades, Pun intended. I can’t speak enough good about him as a person. I know, it seems bias, but I pride myself on being able to see both sides of coins. I can’t think of anything too negative about him worth bringing up that should effect if someone wants to watch him. He swears sometimes? See, I don’t have much. Most of his haterbase hate on his accent of his dyed hair or that fact that he makes money on youtube.

To which I ask, when you watch a movie, should the directors, actors, writers, etc… be paid for their work? If you answer yes, and you should, than kindly don’t say Jack shouldn’t make money for his content, it’s the same premise.

This is why I give jacksepticeye, 5 Sam’s out of 5. 🙂 If you want to go watch him, here’s his channel:

Well, I’m gonna leave this review here. And if you liked it… PUNCH that Share Button in the face. And I will see all you dudes… In the next Review!

Special Thanks to my good buddy TonyTheTigerGDude for requesting this review, it was really fun to write! 🙂

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