Reviewing Halloween Spooktacular #24

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing as a whole. Just in time for the holiday season too. Because you can buy costumes for Halloween, gift cards for food on Thanksgiving, and gifts for Christmas. I’m currently looking at a left handed gaming mouse for my partner on Amazon. I’ll link it here for you to see and hopefully buy if you are a lefty. It looks pretty cool. Maybe if I can get it fo him I’ll do a review on it.

It looks like something a gamer like him would love. With 12 programmable thumb buttons for hotkeys. The only problem I see is that it is wired. I would have preferred wireless for him to save room on his desk. But we are not here to review a left-handed gaming computer mouse. We are here to review!

I mentioned you could find costumes, remember how I said I couldn’t find a costume I wanted. Well it’s on right here. I’m not gonna get it though, too close to Halloween to bother with it. But next year though it will be my jam!

Moving forward I also mentioned it sells gift cards. It does. Mostly to but it still does. My personal favorite is the gift card to Papa Johns.

They typically have reasonable prices by what I have seen and I have not received a broken product yet. I usually receive my products on time, if not early. And you can pay with paypal, my personal main online mode of payment.

I give Amazon 5 Smiles out of 5. Speaking of that, the Amazon Smile program allows you to donate to a charity of your choice. Donate to the Hydrocephalus Association today by making a purchase with Amazon smile.

Well that’s all the time I have for this review. Let me know if I should compare Ebay next in the comments! Bye now!

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