PrestonPlayz Review – His Old Videos


Hey my fellow internet Explorers. Today I have a review for you that I have been meaning to do for a long time. This was and still is a favorite pastime of mine. Watching PrestonPlayz on YouTube. If anybody wants to watch his current content, they can do so Here.


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love Minecraft very much. It is one of my favorite games. PrestonPlayz has not uploaded Minecraft in at least 3 months that I have seen, so rip on that. But I do so love to re-watch some of his old Minecraft content, Money Wars especially. Money wars is sort of nickname for a game called egg wars in which you protect an egg that allows you infinite spawns until it is destroyed. last team alive wins.

Moving on

Sounds easy enough right? I have actually played the game myself before. It was really popular back when Preston played it, but now you at most see maybe a few hundred players if you’re lucky. This is likely due to both the old players growing up and another game mode being made on another server that was similar but had a few key featured that egg wars lacked.

He’s really good background noise to have to work to or fall asleep to. That’s the main thing I use the channel for since I had re-watched all of his contact that interests me. He’s in my background as I type in fact. I do not watch his current content as it no longer interests me. But he’s a pretty good entertainer if a bit of a sellout.

So I proudly give Preston 4 Lava Mobs out of 5.

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Have a wonderful, safe day everyone, and I will see all you dudes in the next review!

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