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Paperwork At Best Buy And Diabetes!


Good afternoon my fellow internet Explorers. I’m for you with a small update about my most recently ended job hunt. I say ended because I accepted a job offer from Best Buy. So far I have only filled out paperwork. Tomorrow I will be watching a power point on ethics and such and taking a quiz on said PowerPoint. And then by Sunday I will be shadowing someone. I currently do not know when I will be on my own but I hope I am on stable ground when I do.

Diabetes Awareness

After my training tomorrow I will be attending my local lgbtqia+ support group. I “work” from 10 am to 3pm and group starts at 6pm and ends at 7pm. So I have a full day tomorrow. I have to remember to request off for Thursday because my family will be out-of-town. They are going to my little brother’s endocrinologist because he has diabetes. It’s a whole trip because the only endocrinologist that takes children is a two-hour drive away one way.

I’m not going personally, but I won’t have anyone to drive me to work. I hope he gets his insulin pump back. It’s been years since he was taken off of it and it may behoove him to get it back. His numbers are usually pretty terrible because he snacks a lot. More awareness for diabetes is definitely necessary. As well as awareness of other things like Hydrocephalus and Mental disorders and disabilities.

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