A Personal Story to Warn Others

One of my reasons for my long hiatus to posting was due to an unpleasant event that happened to me not long after starting this blog. I contemplated making this post for that entire time. Now I have finally worked up the courage to share this incident. There was a member on the forum known as FormCoin named AlienUFO. It seemed like he was a nice enough guy in the start. He had posted an exchange in the forums to register to his forum https://uncoveredforums.com. My username there is the same as my username on ForumCoin. I registered, got my Forum Coins, and I proposed a posting exchange since he seemed nice enough.

I was genuinely interested in his forum, since it involves the paranormal, and I happen to be very facinated by the paranormal. Heck, I may have even been a loyal member after the exchange was done, had it been completed. I was already registered on his forum, so all I had to do was make posts. I made some threads and posts, and eventually I noticed he hasn’t posted or even registered on my forum, beneuniverse.com.

Please note, after I had already posted on his forum, he sends me this message via ForumCoin: report3 compressor 300x225 - A Personal Story to Warn Others

(It’s blocked out from some sensoring that happened from me posting the screenshot on another forum, but all others show his name and forum banner in his signature.)

I ask, how was my attitude poor? Was it my admittedly good content I posted on your forum? Anybody can go to his website and find my posts and see I did not take the exchange lightly.

He calls off the deal when I bring up he needs to do his part. Then he asks for my skype info and asks me to be a mod on his forum instead of working on my “dead” forum.

report1 1 300x225 - A Personal Story to Warn Others

And at some point in me trying to delete the content I provided he sends me this message! report2 1 300x225 - A Personal Story to Warn Others
What the heck? That’s all the screenshots I took, of course I still have all the messages so if further proof is needed or anybody wants to see my side of the convo more than what he quotes I can still take those. I just didn’t feel like taking more at the time. I reported him and he got banned. But I still feel sick. I feel cheated. I feel like I was talking to some kind of pervert from that last comment. I legitimately thought I could’ve been a good member for his community, but not anymore. Not after he cheats content for himself and cheats me out of content.

It’s true, my forum is not the most active, doesn’t have the most members, but I am trying dude. I was only a kid when I first started up my forum, and it’s still online. I get ad revenue from it, but that’s not why I made the forum. I made that forum because I wanted to make a safe place for people to express themselves because not everyone can do that with the people currently in their lives. And Alien spat in face for that dream.

I have every intention of linking this post to his forum, because I am still a member, because conveniently I cannot delete my own profile or posts he cheated me out of. He will probably delete my posts and possibly ban me after this though. But I don’t care, his forum and the content I posted there represents what I hate about him for scamming me.

If you are a member of his forum, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s up to you what forums you are a part of. But I don’t want you to be a member without knowing just what he did and might do again. You might know this, but just in case you don’t: On his forum his name is Flux and on ForumPromotion (if you can even access it) his name is TheLostOne. Just so you know who he is no matter how you run into him.

After I post this, Alien will probably try to tell me off or threaten me for posting this on his forum. But all I have to say to that is I’m not just posting it on my forum, I’ll also post it anywhere else I can think of. Again, I don’t care if you get traffic. I just want you exposed. I don’t care if it “defames” you and you can’t take me down. He said he could in another message he sent to me. I can prove it to, but at  this point how much more proof is necessary to know this guy is a cyberbully?

After he scammed me and during the cyber-abuse and reporting process he made another exchange for I believe it was 10 of 15 Forum Coins which is equal to 10-15 Cents USD. But he was banned before he could pay the members who did it. At this time only 2 members went unpaid. They asked in the same thread why he was banned and if they would be paid.

Now it was not my intention and I didn’t mean for 2 others to be given short. so I messaged the users in question about what happened and explained the situation. They were more concerned about being paid than the fact that I was harassed. I won’t name the users, because while it hurt it wasn’t their fault I was harassed in the first place, a much bigger offense to me.

Now, that said. I want to finish my near one thousand word rant and get on with my life. I’ll see you all in my next post and hopefully get out of my funk to post more in the future. I ask not for your pity. The only thing that will make me feel totally better is justice. Which I believe will only happen in this case is if Alien, Flux, TheLostOne, whatever, learns from his actions and realize what he did and how he scammed and hurt.

If he apologizes, who knows? I’m pretty forgiving. I might even become active on his forum and maybe put a legitimate review of his forum on my blog. If he doesn’t I won’t do one at all though, I don’t want to taint my opinion of his forum with my opinion of him, that’s not the goal to taint your opinion with this post either. I just want the truth exposed.

But it’s up to Flux to be the bigger man and admit what he did, then maybe I’d forgive him. But until then, I’m glad to have been able vent to my readers. Thanks for lasting this long. I’ll see you in another post.

Back With A Warning

Hello everyone,

I would like to apologize about my long hiatus. I had personal issues to deal with that is currently still ongoing, but I would like to take the time to warn all my readers of an upcoming possible danger to those who post in forums. To all who remember one of my previous posts warning of a forum with an incompetent Administrator, the owner of the forum whatsgood.us, that forum has now been shut down and a member I am well acquainted with on another forum has confirmed to have not been paid for her posts on the forum, which claims to be PTP (Paid To Post.)

This Admin is now not only has shown publicly that he is incapable to manage a forum community, but that he also is what the community of online workers know as a Scammer. His new forum: http://www.411.moe/ is not reliable for income. To those who post on forums for enjoyment, he is not a very good listener. So if you have any trouble, he will likely not help you.

To those who want proof of his negligence, I still have the screenshot from his last forum: whatsgood 1 300x225 - Back With A Warning

This was in response to complaints about a feature where members could steal points from each other. The forum owner instead of taking the feature away, which was not smart to add in the first place, simply condescended the community. By stating that they should read the reception and learn to use the bank. Never in all my years on the internet have I seen a forum admin that was so publicly rude to it’s members, all well having obvious grammar mistakes, especially in the post he used to condescend.

With that said, I would advice you to avoid his new forum and all forums or otherwise web-based content and communities until he learns to be more responsible.

Please leave down in the comments what you want me to review/blog about next and I will consider it. Goodbye for now!

Pokémon GO: First Impressions

I’m a level 6 member of Team Valor, the red team. Valor is one of three possible teams to support. The other two being Instinct, Team Yellow, and Blue, Team Mystic. You can only join one of these teams by going to a gym once you hit Trainer Level 5. It’s not too difficult to reach and there are Gyms in a lot of  places. You can pay for in game items like Pokéballs (That is to say, you can when the store decides to work.) In some places you can not yet access the store or even the game just yet.

But to those with the game you can easily farm up more Pokéballs and other items from the store for free by leveling up or traveling to a PokéStop. The PokéStop is a random landmark on the map that gives you random items such as Pokéballs, Eggs, Incense, Lures, Potions, and other in-game items, all for free. They reset every few minutes so you can literally go to a PokéStop and farm for items by staying there. Or you can travel about to different PokéStops and catch Pokémon while you farm the items.

I know that at certain levels you can catch Pokémon of a higher CP (Combat Points) and even get better items to catch the higher CP of Pokemon. So you don’t have to worry about trying to catch Mew with a regular red and white Pokéball. That said, right now only the Pokémon from Gen One are in the game, great for people who like that, but sad for Umbreon fans.

That’s all I can really say for a First Impression, but I do have some tips and tricks for gameplay if anyone would like that in a later post, but you have to ask for it.

Overall I rate the current edition of Pokémon GO 1.75 Pokéballs out of 5. Mainly due to all the technical issues and that the game is not officially available globally. My friends from the UK want to catch Pokémon too. I will update the rating later when there are more updates to the app. But for now there’s a lot of issues, but the game is great the 30% of the time that it works.

Until next time, make sure to comment on what you think my next post should be. Bye guys 🙂

Reviewing whatsgood.us

For those who don’t know, whatsgood is a Paid to Post forum. I myself am not a member, but I know many who are. However I will not be joining after hearing what they’d had to say, and hearing what the admin had to say. The main problem being, you earn points for posting which you can cashout into paypal money and I believe other gift cards as well. But, members have the ability to steal hard earned points from other members, and this is legal by site rules to do! When members didn’t like this feature, they complained, as I believe they should have. But the Admin refuses to listen to reason and gave a rather childish response blaming the members for not reading up on how to use the bank to protect their money.

Here’s a screenshot of the post:whatsgood 300x225 - Reviewing whatsgood.us


Sounds to me like this is not a good earning site, with a not very intelligent admin. I visited the forum in question and found in the very post that he wrote telling members that they should read the reception, a number of grammatical errors. Now, I don’t claim to be the best at spelling or grammar in any language, not even my own. But if you run a forum that speaks a certain language, you should be able to write in that language with some level of professionalism and proficiency. I say professionalism because I saw triple exclamation marks as if yelling at the members.

According to the admin in another post, the stealing feature had been removed due to complaints, but some members still complain about stolen points. It is unclear to me if the feature had really been removed or if they are still talking about before the supposed “removal.” Before the supposed removal of the stealing feature he gifted only a fraction of the points stolen back to the victimized users. I have received no confirmation on the forum in question or any other about the stealing feature’s removal. But either way I’m personally not joining, and I recommend that you don’t either. The admin’s attitude alone makes that earning site not worth the money. I give no support to this site and even had adblocker on to take the screenshots, I don’t want to help pay thieves who don’t deserve the money they cashout.

Overall Rating: I give this site 2 $WG out of 5.

Until next time, comment what I should review next! Bye now 🙂

Update: It has been confirmed that the stealing feature has been removed and I have updated my rating accordingly.

The First Review

Hi folks, if you are reading this you are about to read the first official review for this blog you are currently viewing. I had a bit of thinking to do to decide what to review, especially since I got no suggestions. But I naturally expected such, since this IS a fresh and new blog after all. But that aside, the first thing I decided to review a forum near and dear to my heart, which I have been a member of for more than a year now. Since I know where most of my traffic is probably from, it should be dear to you too. But if you haven’t guessed it, my first review will be of none other Then ForumCoin.

On the rare chance that someone is reading this who does not know of ForumCoin, I’ll give a basic run down. ForumCoin is a forum, hence the name. It is a PTP forum, otherwise known as Paid To Post. It has what’s known as a “Forum Currency” which you can earn from posting or receive in exchange for a service. You can theoretically earn an unlimited amount of ForumCoin or FC this way. At the time writing this, 1 FC = $0.01 USD paid with Paypal or Amazon among other methods. You can earn FC from 10 posts a day, barring some special reason otherwise. Also you earn different amounts based on what forum you post in, sometimes even based on whether or not you start a thread or reply to one!

With ForumCoin you will NOT “get rich quick” by any means. Anyone with that mindset will be sorely disappointed. ForumCoin is a community, not just a money making site. There you can learn new things, make new friends, advertise your own website or YouTube channel (where and how the site allows only, please no spam!) I personally used the FC I earned to purchase the domain of my own forum, www.beneuniverse.com. It’s still not very popular, but I haven’t given up on it and I won’t.

I’m even using FC to fund the hosting for this blog that you are currently reading! I personally believe I came a long way in my knowledge of websites since joining Forum Coin one year ago. I had the help of not only many members of the forum, but also two of greatest forum admins I’ve met on the internet today. They’re usernames are Fergal and CyberFreak (also known as Cyber for short.) They are the kindest and most understanding people, but they don’t back down from nonsense and the breaking of rules.

If I ever had a question I always know I can go to the admins, sometimes even if it has little or nothing to do with anything at all. That is the kind of air that a forum should have, we are not just their underlings, we are their friends! The forum is open internationally, the only catch is that the forum is English only. So if you can’t read this blog, you likely won’t be able to join the forum. Now, the owners are very lenient with people whom are not fluent in English, you do not have to be perfect. But you must be able to be understood. ForumCoin is one of the few earning sites where being from a certain country doesn’t give you any sort of advantage or disadvantage. Everyone earns at the same rate and earnings depend on what you do, how often you do it, and sometimes even how it’s done. You have the capability to earn as much as everyone else, maybe less, maybe more, it depends entirely on you.

I would reccomend this forum for everyone who can deal with the above to join this forum and contribute to what I believe has the potential to be a new world currency and a permanent internet powerhouse. Though at this time I doubt anybody who is not already a member, maybe one day someone not registered will see this. In that case I implore you to sign up. Every second unregistered, is a second wasted.

You can register here: http://forumcoin.com/index.php?r=287

I’ll see you in my next post and in the meantime, keep earning money.

Final Overall Rating: 5 FC out of 5 FC

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