The Busy World of Richard Scarry Spooktacular Day 7!

I wanted something to write something more kid friendly to remind everyone that Halloween isn’t all about gore. So here is a technicality for you. It’s time to laugh and play as I review The Busy World of Richard Scarry. I remember as a child reading the books and wondering which of the animals was Richard. Good times.

For the sake of brevity let’s just call it Busy World for the rest of the blog. Fair? Okay. My reasoning for this is explained in the description of the link. But for those who didn’t read, in spite of the spelling, Mr. Scarry’s last name is pronounced Scary. That’s how it fits.

I hope no one is disappointed in my choice of review. I only wanted to keep the spirits soaring while kids are exploring the internet on Halloween. But to the review itself.

The story stars Huckle Cat with his family. Along with his best friend who lives with them, Lowly Worm. Who is also our narrator. The story contains his and the city of Busy Town’s many misadventures as they get through life.

Like the time Mr. Frumple the pig accidentally mistakes his pickle car for a bulldozer, a taxi, an airplane, and a police car! Or when Huckle is scared to have his tonsils taken out. In between the run time the narrator Lowly tells us stories of adventure, like mountain climbers or people stranded on an island.

It’s a lovely book and cartoon series. I still watch it today as an adult. And I’d be lying if I told you I ever threw that book away, despite it being colored in. Or Colour if you’re English I believe. You can listen to the aswesome theme song Here.. Well that’s about all the time I have for now.

I give Busy World 5 Bitten apples out of 5. See ya later! What should I review next?

The Las Vegas Shooting Day 6 Halloween Spooktacular

Surely by now everyone or at least most people have heard of the shooting in Las Vegas and all in the news. How the girlfriend wouldn’t talk until recently. How the guy the was Muslim. The President is going to have a field day with that one. I’ve heard some of the stories. How it was a one person job. Over 500 people are dead, and many more are injured. It doesn’t get much more scary, and therefore much more Halloween, than that.

A lot of people have looked into the shooting. And not all who have wear a police badge. How do I know? The searches are projected to staggering to 100 points by the end of the week on Google Trends. That’s as high as the points go. And that is just google. I can’t even imagine the amount of searches on the other endless amounts of search engines.

With more on the story the girlfriend has apparently decided to speak. You can read about the story here.

It stats that she had no previous indicators that gave any clues to him being a danger. She had no idea what he was planning and had no way of knowing.

This is what he looked like: 171002170125 02 stephen paddock file exlarge 169 - The Las Vegas Shooting Day 6 Halloween Spooktacular

According to the CNN article given above. It is very tragic and I shall list the victims Here.

I’m not sure if that’s a complete list. I would venture to say that it isn’t. But I did my best, as many of the victims did to shield their loved ones as they sacrificed themselves.

Now I can’t prove that you’ve done it. But I want to make a request of you, the reader, as an extension of trust to show that this country is not so broken that we cannot rely on one another. Please, a moment of silence for the fallen.

Until next time, what should I post next? Goodbye.

Saw II Halloween Spooktacular Day 5!

Welcome to the Sequel to SAW. SAW II. Just when you thought the first SAW couldn’t get more gross, bloody, or messed up. This film has to come out and top it, and the trend will continue for another six movies after this one. I don’t know if I’ll do reviews on all the movies, Maybe if it’s requested enough. Let me know in the comments! 🙂

I’ve seen this really messed up movie twice and I genuinely have no words. It’s emotional and plot heavy, but scary above all else. I don’t know what to say about it without giving serious spoilers. you can buy the movie Here.

Go buy the movie or not, I’m not the boss of you. You are your own person and no one can tell you otherwise. you are not obligated in any way to buy the movie and support my blog. But just know that if you did. I’d appreciate it greatly.

I should warn before you do click it that the movie that it is extremely gory and mature. It is a horror movie. Meaning it is scary and not for children. The version linked above is unrated, I wouldn’t advise letting anyone under 18 to watch it. Maybe not even under 21. Just to be safe.

All in all, a 4 out of 5 screams on the scare-o-meter. A 5 out of 5 puppets on the crazy villian-o-meter. And finally a 5 out of 5 dumb awards for stupid people who died that could have TOTALLY LIVED.


Should I keep up with my Halloween Spooktacular? Let me know down in the comments! And with that I will catch you spooky ghosts in the Ghost Zone. See ya! 🙂


Halloween Spooktacular Short Blog About Candy Day 4

Hey Guys! So with Halloween on the rise, I wanted to know how you celebrate. What candy do you pass out? What do you do for decorations? Do you like Halloween? Skip it for religious reasons? Do you sit at home and eat the candy because for some reason no one comes to your house? I’ve never experienced that myself, but I am so sorry if you have.

Do you watch Halloween Movies? I like watching older ones from my childhood. Like Halloween Town, Twitches, and the two Alvin and the Chipmunks movies from back when they were animated cartoons! I used to dress up for Halloween but social pressure made that a big no as I grew older. I still WANT to, but I want to wear a specific costume, the Miraculous Ladybug from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noire. It’s a french cartoon and the costume looks like ML - Halloween Spooktacular Short Blog About Candy Day 4

About that. I want something like that. I’ve scavenged every Hot Topic, Party City, and Thrift store. But I can’t even find a regular ladybug costume in an adult size, forget about a Miraculous Ladybug. But I do find a lot of candy, I love chocolate, unfortunately I am allergic to Peanuts, but I would love Reese’s otherwise. However my favorite candy is most likely Kit-kats. I developed an addiction to them some years ago, and since can hardly stomach my previous favorite candy: 3 Musketeers.

It just tastes too chocolate-y now, too much sugar. But anyways, I guess I can’t really give a score to a holiday. I mean I can, but it feels a little pretentious of me to do that. But I’ll give you a 10 out of 10 for however you celebrate Halloween, or whether you don’t!

Because no matter how you choose to live that day, you’re still my friend! 🙂 Unless you hurt someone on purpose, that is a dealbreaker. Anyways, signing off until next time 🙂

Reviewing Slendytubbies! Halloween Spooktacular Day 3!

Before we begin our review of Slendytubbies, you can play the game for free here

Slendytubbies starts with the normal but even more poorly animated Teletubbies doing their thing. Playing with their tummies, eating Tubbiecustard, cleaning with Nu-Nu. The normal day. But they go to bed and wake up in the middle of the night to find Tinky Winky (the purple one) gone. He’s crazy eyed and out for Tubbieblood. It’s played basically as a copy-paste of Slenderman, only potentailly more creepy by using your own toddlerhood memories against you.

I never personally played this game, but a YouTuber I’ve been watching for years did. I will link his gameplay here The graphics was snowy, like an old tv. That made the game a little scary even with the disconnect of not actually playing. But in the end,it is only a copy. Slenderman was, is, and always will be better, mostly because it was first.

All in all not a bad game, fun, a little creepy, and most of all, free. I would play it if I have no plans for Halloween, which I usually don’t. I would certainly recommend playing this game in the dark as you eat the Halloween candy supposed to be pass out to kids. You know you’ve done it, now play a game along with it.

I give this game 3 Baby Suns out of 5. For the fact that is a good, free game. But is literally just a Slenderman copy-paste.

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