My Newest Project: I’m Animating My Blogs

Hello guys,

Today I had the idea to animate my blogs. I already did my first one here. I plan on going in order from the beginning on. Meaning eventually even this blog. Hi future me! And future you guys! Please check out my vlog while you read along on my old blogs. I’m not sure how the public will respond but this seemed like a good idea to me. I’m using a software called Plotagon. I should review the software sometime. But the features are different for mobile and Windows.

For example on mobile you can create your own custom characters, where as in the windows version you can’t. You also can’t copy-paste in the windows version I found to my great annoyance. Say, while you’re on my YouTube channel, why not like the video and subscribe. You could also like this blog and subscribe to me here. Even better, you could do both. But that’s enough selling out. I just wanted to keep you guys as updated as the 2 people who watch my youtube channel content. I’m gonna go now. Bye bye! 🙂

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