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My Sick Leave – Sorry Internet Explorers

Sick Leave

Hello all my Fellow Internet Explorers! I’m sorry for the small absence I’ve had. The short story of what happened is that my uncle came over to visit while he was sick and managed to make the whole house sick. Myself included. I could hardly function, let alone write blogs. Thankfully I was off of work for the duration of my sickness. I believe I am at this point at least 97% if not completely better at this point and I am ready for work in the morning.

Sick Birthday Party

I had my birthday the previous day. Had a nice dinner out with my aunt. Whose birthday it also was. Getting to share the day every year is fun. Being able to do that easier now is better than I could have imagined. I love my aunt very much. Also my plans for the big surprise I have for all you guys out there is getting the finishing touches on it. It should be ready in a timely fashion. And I cannot wait for it to be public. I also reopened review requests once again on a website where some of my reviews have come from. So there may be more actual reviews in the site’s future. I also fixed the guest posting so that so long as you are logged in, you can get credit for the post as the writer instead of it defaulting to me.


That being said, that is all I have for my fellow Internet Explorers today. Don’t forget to leave a like if you liked this post, and comment down below what you want me to post about next. And subscribe to make certain you never miss what I post next. And if you just can’t wait for the next post you can Click here to read the previous post.

I love all you guys, girls, and everyone in between long time and I will see all you dudes in the next post! Bye y’all!

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