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More Rick and Morty! Halloween Spooktacular 20!

Hey Guys! You seemed to like the last blog on this topic. So I decided to give you what you seem to want! More Rick and Morty! Now I’m going to start with Episode One of Season One. This episode starts with Rick keeping Morty up all night and making him tired for school, he then pulls Morty from school for the day to help him get the seed of a mega fruit for vague but clearly selfish reasons.

But Jeff and Beth are finding out that Morty had attended school for 7 hours total that semester. Jebus I wish I could have gotten away with something like that in school. Just kidding, stay in school kids.

But anyways they get back home through customs because Rick’s Portal Gun runs out of power. My question is why not try to power it with a mega fruit seed or something. From my point of view if Rick was a real scientist he would try that. He only even got stuck because he went sleeping around instead of coming right back to heal Morty of his broken legs caused by Rick’s own negligence to tell him to turn his all terrain boots on.

After all that Rick wants Morty to smuggle the seeds up his butt through customs. There’s a sentence I thought I would never write. Anyhow, in the process admitting to having done this many times before. Morty had not even heard of this fruit before then, so it was without him. Why bring him along this time?

Because Rick only thinks of himself and sees Morty as a tool, but I do see him in later clips in the series, protect “his” Morty and Summer But we’ll get to that later. I can’t say he is entirely in everything for himself. But some of the things he does seems to endanger his family, and sometimes he saves them from danger related to him or not.

But back to the episode. They shoot through customs and Rick tricks Beth and Jeff into thinking he’s teaching Morty things and letting him stay. Then yammers on until credits.

Maybe he’s just a crazy old man. Good enough for me.

Anyways, I give the very first episode of Rick and Morty 3.8 Mega Fruit seeds out of 5. Let me know what to review next in the comments! And if you want more Rick and Morty You can watch this episode and more here.

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