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Hey Guys! I finally have an actual review for you. True not necessarily to do with the theme of Pride month. But it can have to do with it on a technicality so I’m doing it. Plus this was a request. As of now and previously we have not been popular enough to receive many requests. So when they are received, I want to do them. Today we will be reviewing an artist’s website. Fancy, I know. the website is MKHughes. What exactly is Pride about this artist? Truthfully nothing yet, but I bet he wouldn’t say no to doing Pride related work.

Prices starting at $10 USD per 5×7 Piece (Plus $1.50 shipping per piece), you get admittedly beautiful art like the one featured on this page at a very affordable and in my humble opinion reasonable price. If I ever have any need for art and the money with which to buy it I will certainly give this artist a gander. I’m assuming everything is payable by PayPal as well to keep things simple, which is good.

I just wanted to dispel any possible rumors now. The website owner/artist did not ask me to review his website. But a friend of his who believes in him. I was not paid to do this review or to review it a certain way. It was merely requested which I then accepted. I will now quote the artist’s credentials, which honestly impress me, directly from their about me page.

“A professional theater artist, I am a scenery painter and a scenic designer. My MFA in Scenic Design came from Southern Illinois University.

I teach painting classes and design classes for college age students and adults, most recently a design master class at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA, and a scenery painting seminar at Carbondale Community Arts in Carbondale, IL.

As a studio artist I create paintings on canvas, illustrations on paper, illustrations on computer software, sculpture, ceramics, wooden furniture, murals, signs, and most recently vinyl floor cloths for inside/outside home use.”

A pretty impressive repertoire if I must say so myself, and I do. Seems credible. But I hope you had as much fun reading this blog post as I did writing it because we are about out of time for today. I give this artist 5 paintbrushes out of 5 and I will see all you dudes, dudettes, non-binaries, and the like, in the next Review! 🙂

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