Magic The Gathering Arena!: A Review

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Magic The Gathering Arena!: A Review

Magic The Gathering Arena

Introducing Magic The Gathering Arena!

Hey all my Guys, Gals, and Non-Binary Pals! I’m with you today for a review of a game that swept the nation in 2018; Magic The Gathering Arena. I don’t personally play competitively myself, as in I don’t enter tournaments. I am pretty competitive about almost everything I do. Don’t know why, just my nature. But enough about me, back to the game. First I must say I really love the graphics, it looks very beautiful and the amount of different backgrounds to play on is just enough to really feel like a different game each time.

Also those little animations when you play certain cards are sick. Very well done. The immersion is nice too. having the tutorial being “sparky” makes it feel like you didn’t play a tutorial as a veteran player, while still hand holding new players who need guidance. To commentate any further I’d say as a whole that the game is amazing, and best for all budgets being a free to play game. And it certainly scratches my occasional itch for Trading Card Games and my slight gambling problem in buying packs. Which you can do with coins you earn by playing.

Rating Magic The Gathering Arena and Farewell

All in all I give Magic The Gathering Arena 5 Sparks out of 5

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I love you all long time, and I’ll see all of you in the next post!

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