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The Last Day of The Halloween Spooktacular! #25

Well guys and girls, it’s finally Halloween. Meaning it’s the end of our Spooktacular. I know I wasn’t as consistent as I or even you probably wanted. But I did my best with what I had. Which was not much motivation after a while, but I lasted a while didn’t I? Made some good quality posts. Some admittedly off the topic of Halloween. But I kept is as close as I could, I was grasping at straws in some ways on some days. That I will admit. Like When I reviewed Costumes, Candy, and Busy World.

But I think the reasoning I used behind it was funny and at least somewhat legitimate. But enough about me, what are you going to do for Halloween? Are you going to pull tricks? Beg for treats? Stay home and watch movies while eating the candy you are supposed to be passing out to kids? Just nothing? Are you rushing to buy candy as you read because you forgot it was Halloween?

I want to point out that I am not trying to pressure anyone into celebrating Halloween. I respect all religions and do not wish to offend anyone’s personal beliefs by making my Halloween Spooktacular. Any images or other content beyond the reviews are not mine including but not limited to the images and videos used.

Now with that disclaimer out of the the way, That’s about all the time I have left for this blog post, it’s not really a review. Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you have a great day, an awesome night, and are ready for my next reviews which will be random but hopefully often. Not every day though. I know not to try that again. But let me know what to review next in the comments and I will see you in the next review.

Bye bye!

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