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Job Acquisition Hunt Update – Best Buy Edition

Job Acquired

Hello my fellow internet explorers of all creeds and genders. I am back at it again, a bit later than I would have been if I had not fallen asleep. All the excitement tuckered me out today. But I have good news and then wonderful news. I now have a job at my local Best Buy starting at $10 USD an hour for at least 18 hours a week. I have a feeling I’ll be a good fit due to my background growing up with technology.

I’m Too nice

It will be fun to have money again and I have an idea for what I want to do with the money already. Some stuff for myself like a chest binder and a packer, and surprises for my friends and family. I’m a very giving person, even if the people I give to don’t necessarily deserve it.

I’m just that nice I guess. But that was just the good news. The wonderful news is that the special surprise I have in store with all my readers is moving forward on schedule. Well I guess it’s more of a surprise for the world, not just my readers. But hopefully there will be more of you reading my blog after this hopefully takes off.

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