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I’ve Returned From The Grave – Back At It Again!

I Have Returned

Hello all my wonderful time travelers! I have returned from my long and unfortunate hiatus from my computer. It wasn’t entirely my fault. I should have returned after only a month. But the hard drive did crap out on me. I was too creatively worn and depressed because my medications were failing me. But now my loving and amazing father has replaced and fixed the hard drive so I may now use my computer. So new post are going to be inbound very soon.

Update of Before I Returned

In other news that may or may not effect my ability to write for you guys, gals, and Non-binary pals. My medications that I take daily have been doubled because I had built up a tolerance to it which made my current dosage ineffective at combating my inner demons. But nevertheless, it is a fixed issue at least for the time being.

But there is more news. I have applied for a position as a proofreader at this local big company that I really hope to get. It would be my first full time job as I take a real stab at adulting. I have high hopes for getting it and I hope to be a credit to the team over there. I’m not sure how well or poorly I did on the test. But they do say they train and that this very blog plus my being a published author gave me a very good background for the position.

Speaking Of My Book

If you’re new, first of all, Hello. I hope you’re day is fantastic, and if it’s not that it gets better. But I wrote a book with the help of a rag tag group of friends and some hired help. It is an activism book to make people think and challenge their views to help the world be a better place and you be a better you. By helping you find what you really believe to be true, even if you disagree with what I wrote.

Goodbye For Now

That being said, that is all the time I have for you today my time travelers. Don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed reading it, and subscribe to make sure you get notified when my next post is published and if you can’t wait for the next post you can read the last one Here, and check out my book if you have time. You are not required to purchase it, but if you do I will be most grateful if you leave a review so I can know what you think. Bye for now my guy, gals, and non-binary pals. And I will see all you dudes in the next post!

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