George Washington

I Had A Strange Dream – George Washington Edition

My Dream – George Washington

Heyyo Guys, Girls, and everyone in between! I had a late start today. Woke up at 2am to some KFC for my lunch/breakfast. I always over-sleep when I have these types of dreams. I don’t remember it perfectly. But I remember it had to do with George Washington becoming a slave to some intergalactic, Malevolent warlord to save his daughter from the same fate. But his daughter was Ruby Rose from RWBY by RoosterTeeth.

That’s all I remember. The RWBY bit makes sense because I’m obsessed with it. But I can’t figure out how George Washington fits in, or the slavery. The warlord kind of reminds me Vilgax now that I think of it. That super villain alien guy from Ben10. Though I haven’t seen the show in several years at this point, my long-term memory just rocks that hard. Might be why my short-term memory sucks.

In Other News

I have a 3rd interview with Best Buy tomorrow at Noon. I’m so excited to possibly have a job helping folks buy computers. My dad was actually a member of the Geek Squad back when it was just called Tech Support. I know I mentioned this already, I just think it’s really cool. Anyways, wish me luck and subscribe so you don’t miss tomorrow’s update on my job hunt at Best Buy. I have a good feeling, but you never know.

That being said that is all the time I have for today, don’t forget to leave a like and comment down below what you want me to blog about tomorrow. And if you can’t wait for tomorrow Click Here to read yesterday’s post and click around to read more. We almost hit 250 Subscribers can we do it by next week? Anyways, love you guys long time and I will see all you dudes in the next post. Bye bye.

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