I Am Disappointed

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I Am Disappointed

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Change of Plans

Hello my fellow internet explorers. I had a whole plan of a review of my baby brother’s favorite video game on the Xbox 360. But that will have to wait for another time. There are far more important and unfortunately political matters that I must give my stance on. As many or maybe not so many of you know, I am born American citizen. And as all Americans know, this passed week was 9/11. The Anniversary of the day terrorists attacked us in our homes. A day many have their own traditions and ways of remembering those who died and the first responders who tried to make that number as small as possible.

Land Of The Free

I inadvertently pulled an all-nighter as a result of reading about the grossness that took place on house floor in the state of North Carolina. I’m appalled with how the Republicans conducted themselves according to This Article on The Washington Post. This was very obviously a set up. A 55/9 vote? That is all too obviously foul play. There is nothing that can be said to convince me that there was anywhere close to a fair vote.

Home of The Dumbasses

And I am disgusted. I remember being a small child in 4th grade and we sang of patriotism. I still remember the words. “America is, the story of all of us, told together” That is NOT What took place on that house floor. Robbing over half the citizens of their voices. For shame. I don’t even know what the budget was for, but I don’t need to, to know that if it wins in the state senate it will be without the consent of the governed.


I’m gonna try to go to sleep now and hopefully not have dreams of fire and brimstone, like back in the 1800s or something. Goodnight or goodmorning or whatever. I’ll hopefully have a more happy post tomorrow.

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  1. MeowsePad says:

    The United States has not been even remotely democratic for decades. Wealth and privilege govern us.

    • Evereviewer says:

      The United States is actually a Republican Government, not a Democracy as many believe. Most Americans don’t even know the difference despite wanting the pledge of allegiance back in schools so bad. For the many not from America the pledge is said: “I pledge Allegiance, to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” That was the version I learned, but fun fact, the “under god” part was not a part of the original pledge, but was added years later.

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