I Almost Didn’t Post Today – But I Persevered!

Sorry Guys

I know it’s very late but it’s still same day. I never promised a specific time, just that I would shoot for daily. So technically no promises broken. I’ve been a bit under the weather today so I almost didn’t post. But now I’m up and at ’em. So here I am with a very late update for all of my friendly internet explorers from around the world.

I’m still looking for a day job, since blogging is more of a hopeful future path than something that currently pays the bills. Not that I have any bills living with my father. But I still want money so I can eventually live on my own. So Job A-Hunting I go. I have applied to a few places that are kinda tech-y like Best Buy and GameStop. I also applied for something I don’t think I’ll get working for the same company as my father, but as a Proofreader. Because I love reading and writing and I think could do it extremely well. I don’t have a degree so I’d likely get beat out by the first white cis male with or without one. But you know, cast a wide net and all that.

Hopefully I’ll have good news to share with all you friends soon. But until then, comment down below what you want me to review as that is all the time I have for you today, so subscribe so you don’t miss tomorrow’s post. And if you can’t wait until tomorrow for it then Click Here to read yesterday’s. Also feel free to click around to read and comment on other posts that I or someone in the community has done.

Have a wonderful, safe day everybody and I will see all you dudes in the next post!

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