Kids Next Door

Halloween Spooktacular #15 Codename: Kids Next Door!

Hey guys! I thought I’d go a little retro for this review and do an old favorite from my childhood. The Codename Kids Next Door. And in the spirit of Halloween we will be exploring a scary episode, where Count Spank-u-lot spanks Numbuh One (who is ironically named Nigel Uno.) without his gloves. Which turns him into a Spank-u-lot vampire. The only way to change him back, is to spank the original spanking vampire.

Later, this happens. But not before Nigel spanks almost his entire team for breaking various rules put in place by the second in command, Abigal Franklin AKA Numbuh Five. One by one he gets them, all except Abigal who makes it to dawn and takes them all to the prison where Spank-u-lot is being held. They find out he breaks the rules to get Nigel there. Which triggers them to spank him and turn back to normal.

Not very scary now that I’m older, but as a child this shook me to my core.It scared me into almost believing spanking vampires exist. And that thought is terrifying even today. Almost more than Operation: Zero. Should I review that one next? Let me know in the comments! I believe that’s all the reviewing time I have for today. I give this episode 2.5 Count Spank-u-lot Gloves out of Five.

What should I review next? More Kids Next Door? Something else? An Object? I’m open to almost literally any suggestion. Just ask, don’t be shy! 🙂

I guess I’ll go for real now. See ya! 🙂

Oh, before I forget, you can watch Codename: Kids Next Door, specifically the episode I just reviewed here.

Ok this time for real, goodbye, have a good day, or night, or whatever. See ya laters. Peace to the Middle East. Please come read my blog again.

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