A Great Tragedy – My Condolences to the WPD

Hey guys! I’m sure most of you have not heard, this is a very local problem. But here’s a general description: Two officers of the Westerville Police Department were called to action and were shot at the scene. I do not know the details of what happened as I prefer not to know, my heart can’t take it. The only thing I need to know is that two souls are now and forever lost to the world. I do however also know that the suspected shooter is in custody. A Fact I am very glad for.

For if people like him with his mindset or string of situations the world will never be safe. I have mixed feelings about the suspect. Should the suspect be found guilty I believe there should be a punishment like jail-time. But I also believe that prisoners should be treated more like people. Instead of just as the crimes they commit. Because people can learn, change, and improve. But at the same time, my anger against things like murder and rape cloud my mind with opinions.

Which makes me glad I’m not in any form of decision making power for the country. But this is a big tangent. I ramble a lot, you guys know that. Anyways. I’m deeply sorry to the families and friends of the departed. You have my highest condolences and the officers, my highest respect. May they rest in peace and the bereaved grieve in peace until they find peace within themselves and live on. So that the lives lost may live on in them.

Out of respect I will not do my normal closing outro, or put ads on this blog. Now, I believe I have taken enough time from you. As promised, no outro. Simply goodbye for now. Until next time.

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