FloBoi Halloween Spooktacular #17 Another YouTube Review

Today we are reviewing a Minecraft YouTuber named FloBoi. Alert though, if you have epilepsy I would definitely not watch his outro. I have not seen every one of his videos, but he shows promise. He has nearly a 1000 subscriber count and a high view count on his videos for not having 1000 subs yet. I’ll give similar advice I gave to the BronzeMiner in this review.

I would say make longer videos and post more often if you can. But I would also avoid offensive language like used at around 3:40 in this video. You shouldn’t say the R word dude, it’s below you. It’s offensive to people with learning disabilities such as myself. But I will talk about that later in another review if anybody wants to know.

But yeah, you need more content, your editing is very good. I mean top notch in some places. Like Jack or Markiplier. I believe you could be a real PrestonPlayz with your editing here. It’s great that you have PC now, it opens up the minecraft world to you. You can play minigames though I do not recommend bedwars on Hypixel, it’s fun when there’s no hackers. But that’s the biggest catch nowadays. Maybe try MinePlex or something. You could make Eggwars on Cubecraft super popular again too.

So in conclusion, Make more videos more often, maybe even PC minigames for Minecraft, Don’t use offensive language. Now I understand that is a hard one for some, it may be common language where you are, but trust me. I’m saying this warning for the YouTubers just as much as the viewers. Also, now that you have PC you can post a wider variety of things. Like Parkour or continuing that Let’s Play. I personally want to see that. Nobody let’s play’s vanilla anymore. You can bring it back. Also, make a less flashy outro, maybe to match your intro. You can have people with Light sensitivity issues watch you that way, meaning a bigger audience.

Well that’s all I have for today. I give FloBoi 3.5 Minecraft Temples out of 5.

See ya!

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