Cubecraft! Halloween Spooktacular #12!

Hey Guys! today we are going to discuss Minecraft and what makes it Halloween-y on a specific server called Cubecraft. Now, on CubeCraft I only play one game, but they have Halloween maps on that game, but not only that. In the main lobby of the server there seems to be a pumpkin hunt to find all the pumpkins and win some virtual prize. How much more Halloween can you get than that?

I’m sure there are many other Halloween aspects to the game too. though I have not seen them I invite you to join the ip: and find them. If you wish to support the server with a purchase, you may do so here.

I am not in any way paid for the purchases you make should you choose to make them and am in no way afflitated with Cubecraft or any other Minecraft server as of yet beyond being a player of the game.

A slight tangent. I noticed there were a lot of readers after my last post. Would you like more Rick and Morty analysis? Let me know down in the comments!

Back to the review. Back when I played EggWars, back when PrestonPlayz as well as basically the whole Pack still did themselves. I used to love watching them and playing but never played against them, and I do not want to. I would be wreaked and I know it.

Eventually I bought a gold rank to vote for item and health boosts. recently I started playing it again when I want to play Bedwars, but don’t want to ruin my win streak. So I don’t consider a waste of money. Especially since I got it on the 50% off Christmas Sale.

That’s all the time I have for now. I give Cubecraft 5 Dragon Eggs out of 5 for being one of my first addictions in Minecraft. Let me know what I should review next in the comments! Bye! 🙂

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