Celebratory Post! – Also I’ll Be Away Next Weekend

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Celebratory Post! – Also I’ll Be Away Next Weekend

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Thank You!

Hello all my guys, gals, and Non-binary pals! It has occured to me, that I don’t believe I made an official post celebrating reaching over 1,000 Internet Explorers, and then over 1,500! I really do thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my soul for taking this little website and turning into the tiny monster it is now. I don’t think it’s a secret that throughout the years, this thing has been my baby even if I didn’t exactly treat it with the love it deserves.

So thank you, because you being here, reading this post, has had a hand in keeping my baby alive. I don’t exactly have much other plans for this post. But I will warn that not this weekend, but the next, I will be out of town and unable to record for my youtube channel. So if you watch that content, be aware of that. I will still try to blog, but no promises. I’m going to be visiting family as it will be the weekend of my father’s birthday. Fun fact, his birthday is five days before my own on the 6th, which is the same day as my great aunt’s on my mother’s side and great uncle’s on my father’s and four days before my great grandma on my mother’s side.

Just some cool little facts you probably don’t care about. Anyways, that’s about all the time I have for you today my Internet Explorers! If you can’t wait for the next post to be out you can Click Here to read the previous one. And if you want to read my book, you can go buy it on Amazon. You can also watch me play games on

I love you all long time, and I’ll see all of you in the next post! Bye for now!

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