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Reviewing Ricwars Select Electronics!

Hey Guys! today I have a special treat for you. A review about a place where you can buy some really cool stuff, for a really reasonable price. Now in case you didn’t read the disclaimer, I will repeat it. I did not formally or personally test or receive any of the products from Ricwars Select Electronics. I just think some of them look either really cool or really fun. So I do not know if they work or are as pictured.

So Like the positive person I try to be, I’m going to review it under the assumption that everything should work perfectly, look amazing, and be what is promised. I’m also operating under the pretenses that if everything with any product you buy is not to your satisfaction, that the Ricwars support team will see to it that the problem is resolved or that you are refunded post-haste. But please do take care to be careful and buy at your own risk.

Here are some items I a found to be really cool and worth visiting the site for at the very least if not to buy anything.

We have: A 3D Printed Moon Lamp/Nightlight With USB LED Lighting

A USB Cable Charger Braided in Protective Aluminum

Now before I give the last product I’m going to list that I found really cool, I just want to talk about the last one. I own a charger that is similar to the one listed, so did my mother, and so does my sister. It was an absolute lifesaver for me when my original charger that came with my phone eventually broke and my mom gave me the aluminum braided charger she used on a previous phone. It’s not perfect but it does the job it was given.

Now on to the last product I’m going to showcase: An 8 Bit Classic Gamepad/Console.

Now on to the constructive criticism. There’s not much really to say assuming the products are all good quality and the support team is on par. The only thing I can think of is maybe cleaning up the product titles and links. They seem to be a bit spammy. The titles are just unnecessarily long.

Now then, this review seems to be running a bit long. I’m going to cut it short here. Let me know what you think I should review next down in the comments section below and I will gladly consider it for my list. Don’t forget to also like the blog and subscribe for more content in the future. That’s all for now and I’ll see all you dudes in the next review! Bye Guys! And Have a wonderful time on the inter-webs!

The Net Neutrality Vote Decision: We’re Screwed

Well guys this may very well be the last blog you see from me. I’m still going to try. But I’m not going to bribe powerhouse ISPs (Internet Service Providers). You see, in my country we HAD a thing called Net Neutrality. Now we do not. It was voted out by our senators. So in a sense we did this to ourselves. Net Neutrality basically means that all ISPs have to grant equal support for all websites. Without it, it means that ISPs can pick favorites to support what websites bring them more money.

This has the potential to, and probably will, snuff out smaller websites by slowing their support to a crawl. Hence why it will likely effect this blog. I will not take it lying down though. I encourage you to call your senators if you do not like this change. If you do, I encourage you to express it safely and sanely. I want everyone’s voices to be heard on this matter. Because everyone’s voices matter. I’m not trying to silence anyone.

That is never the goal here. I just am sure this decision will negatively effect me and others. But I will fully admit that I could be very wrong. And if I am and nothing changes, or if something gets better, you better believe I will write about it.

I just want nothing more than for the world to be happy, healthy, safe, and for everyone to get along. But sadly I doubt that will ever happen. We are not only screwed by slow loading of certain websites. No. We are screwed by the fighting that will undoubtably occur over the next few days over whether this is good or bad.

I for one, think it is bad. And that is perfectly fine. Because my opinion is only that, my opinion.

Well, I’ve been me. You’ve been you. And this has been Net Neutrality. I’m all out of time for this topic. Leave down in the comments what you think I should do next. And I will see all you dudes in the next review!

Oh, before I forget. You can look at the decision here. To see how it all went down. It’s the CNN live feed of the vote. It leads to the conclusion of repealing Net Neutrality for those of us who like big pictures.

Ok, bye for real now. See ya! 🙂

Reviewing Wikipedia: The Free Online Encyclopedia

Hey guys! Today we are going to review Wikipedia; the free online encyclopedia! I find that you can find whatever you want to know and more things that you don’t from this website. But there is a catch. Anyone, and I mean absolutely Anyone can edit wiki pages to say anything. Meaning you could be getting unreliable information. Sometimes it’s obvious like finding an article on chickens that says “Chickens have 16 hearts.” Chickens obviously do not have that many hearts.

I once found an article stating that the grand canyon was formed by grape jelly. I had a teacher in high school who found an article on John F. Kennedy saying “JFK was fat and gay.” I’m sure that isn’t true. But I am no expert on the subject. However I am sure whomever wrote that isn’t either. For the reason of this story you weren’t allowed to use Wikipedia as a source for reports and such in his class.

I disagree with it, other teachers usually just advised you to not source wikipedia. That I believe is ok. But you should be able to source it. Especially if you can find identical information on a more concrete source. That is all I have to say on that matter. Is it reliable? I wouldn’t diagnose myself with information I find on the internet regardless. But If you are doing a report for school, say on the brain. I think it’s fine.

Well that’s about all the time I have for this review. I give Wikipedia 3 I don’t know’s out of 5. For being able to serve people information, but it may be correct, or not.

Let me know what to review next in the comments and I will see all of you in the next blog post. Bye guys! See ya on another day! 🙂 Before I forget you can access wikipedia here.

Reviewing Halloween Spooktacular #24

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing as a whole. Just in time for the holiday season too. Because you can buy costumes for Halloween, gift cards for food on Thanksgiving, and gifts for Christmas. I’m currently looking at a left handed gaming mouse for my partner on Amazon. I’ll link it here for you to see and hopefully buy if you are a lefty. It looks pretty cool. Maybe if I can get it fo him I’ll do a review on it.

It looks like something a gamer like him would love. With 12 programmable thumb buttons for hotkeys. The only problem I see is that it is wired. I would have preferred wireless for him to save room on his desk. But we are not here to review a left-handed gaming computer mouse. We are here to review!

I mentioned you could find costumes, remember how I said I couldn’t find a costume I wanted. Well it’s on right here. I’m not gonna get it though, too close to Halloween to bother with it. But next year though it will be my jam!

Moving forward I also mentioned it sells gift cards. It does. Mostly to but it still does. My personal favorite is the gift card to Papa Johns.

They typically have reasonable prices by what I have seen and I have not received a broken product yet. I usually receive my products on time, if not early. And you can pay with paypal, my personal main online mode of payment.

I give Amazon 5 Smiles out of 5. Speaking of that, the Amazon Smile program allows you to donate to a charity of your choice. Donate to the Hydrocephalus Association today by making a purchase with Amazon smile.

Well that’s all the time I have for this review. Let me know if I should compare Ebay next in the comments! Bye now!

Wolf Play Game

Wolf Play Game is a browser based, kid friendly game in which you can start your own virtual wolf pack, breed, hunt, have pups, sell wolves for mushrooms, dig up artifacts and put them together, explore different terrains, and more. Another thing you can do is role-play as whatever you want (within a PG-13 rating.)

I play this game daily and it’s more fun than it looks a face value. There’s a nice community around the game within all three factions (Lightbringers, Darkseekers, and Neutral.) But there’s more about that and other things necessary to know for the game on the site itself.

So if you want something to do to kill time or to procrastinate from writing blog posts, you can play at

But do consider clicking this shiny banner and becoming my referral to help out my pack.

wpad1 - Wolf Play Game

I’ve played for about a month now, so if you need help do not hesitate to ask. My pack in-game is DesAnt, so do come look at my wolves 🙂

That’s about what I have for my blog post, my rating is 4.2 somehow crafted by wolves Greek Pottery, Grecian Urns out of 5.

Tell me what I should review next in the comments down below, as well as leave any tips and tricks for the game for new players. I might do a post with that myself should that be in demand to do. Now with that said, see you hopefully soon, I’ll try to post more, but I do need suggestions lest I be expected to pull ideas out of the air by myself.

See ya! 🙂