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WWE 2k19

I’ve been playing this game since the day it came out and figured that I should do a review based on my experiences. first I’ll tell you about the showcase mode which follows the story of Daniel Bryan’s career. You play some of the most epic matches. Starting from when he was Bryan Danielson who was the rookie studying under the Miz and the feud that lead to. And then leading to his return as Daniel Bryan, and you get to fight matches leading up to his injury.

There is also commentary between the matches from Daniel Bryan explaining what he was feeling through those times. I would give the showcase mode a 9/10. Because I’m a Daniel Bryan fan. The next part from the game is the My Player or Career Mode. In this Mode you get to create a fighter. One which represents you on your journey from the indie company to the hall of fame.

At this point in time I haven’t yet reached the hall of fame. But I’ve played enough of it to get a decent take on what this mode is all about. And honestly I love it. you get to make choices about how the career plays out. And depending on how you talk and act around the other superstars, can end up in you getting some amazing matches set up. I would recommend taking the side matches as a lot of them end up being really fun. And the voice acting is a nice touch when it works.

So I guess to finish out the review I would say this game is a great choice if you are a WWE fan. Because despite some of its glitches, it is actually an amazing way of feeling like you are part of the show for at least a while. I would give it a 8/10.

Should you want to buy the game, here are some links to do so: Steam PS4 XBox One

Reviewing Slendytubbies! Halloween Spooktacular Day 3!

Before we begin our review of Slendytubbies, you can play the game for free here

Slendytubbies starts with the normal but even more poorly animated Teletubbies doing their thing. Playing with their tummies, eating Tubbiecustard, cleaning with Nu-Nu. The normal day. But they go to bed and wake up in the middle of the night to find Tinky Winky (the purple one) gone. He’s crazy eyed and out for Tubbieblood. It’s played basically as a copy-paste of Slenderman, only potentailly more creepy by using your own toddlerhood memories against you.

I never personally played this game, but a YouTuber I’ve been watching for years did. I will link his gameplay here The graphics was snowy, like an old tv. That made the game a little scary even with the disconnect of not actually playing. But in the end,it is only a copy. Slenderman was, is, and always will be better, mostly because it was first.

All in all not a bad game, fun, a little creepy, and most of all, free. I would play it if I have no plans for Halloween, which I usually don’t. I would certainly recommend playing this game in the dark as you eat the Halloween candy supposed to be pass out to kids. You know you’ve done it, now play a game along with it.

I give this game 3 Baby Suns out of 5. For the fact that is a good, free game. But is literally just a Slenderman copy-paste.

SAW: The Game, Halloween Spooktacular Day 2!

Today on our month long Halloween Spooktacular I thought I would review an old but in my humble opinion good video game. SAW, based on the original movie that shook the cores of the people of it’s time. In a short summary a terminally ill man only known to the public as Jigsaw took people who he deemed as not valuing their lives enough and put them through trials to try to prove to him and themselves that they want to live. But in the universe he technically never killed them, only created puzzles in which you die upon failure to solve it.

I find this logic to be flawed. He set those traps, if they die, he killed them. Period. But that’s not all. What about kidnapping? Or Conspiracy to Commit Murder? Those are charges to put him away too, but no one talks about it in either the game, nor the movies. All in all SAW has two games, but today we focus on the first one. However to my knowledge there are also seven SAW movies. A big disproportion that I believe should be fixed.

The graphics for the first one is what you’s expect for older games. But I believe that is equal parts due to it’s age and on purpose. It makes the game creepier as a whole in my opinion to have the older look. Originally it was launched on the PS3 system. But later moved to the Xbox 360 as well. It was developed by Zombie Studios and published by Konami. I’m not sure if you can, but maybe try the Konami Code in game? It would be fun if not working at least.

I find these two to be very credible companies when it comes to games. But beware of the mature content. Blood. Gore. Jump-scares. Dirty needles, and main character death. This game is not for the faint of heart. It is a horror game for a reason. The second game is arguably more mortifying, but we will get there on a later date. I would recommend this game, 3.5 Creepy Jigsaw Puppets out of 5.

Let me know what to review next! Look forward to a review (hopefully) every day this month. Due to this being a month long venture, suggestions are imperative. Until next time. Boo!

(To readers whom are reading in the Video Games section. Read the Halloween Spooktacular! You won’t regret it! 🙂 )

Final thing you can buy the game Hereir?t=evereview0c 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B002CYWJWO - SAW: The Game, Halloween Spooktacular Day 2!

The Last Of Us: Left Behind Review (Minor Spoilers)

Hey all! I’m back with a continued review from my last, reviewing the DLC for the game in my previous Review, The Last of Us. This game is the story of Ellie and how she found out she was immune to the virus. She was sneaking out of Military Preparatory School or “Orphanage” as she calls it with her best friend Riley who ran away to join the fireflies and came back to try to rekindle their close bond.

While out they have fun at an abandoned mall until they attract the attention of a mob of Infected by playing loud music. Why you would play loud music when you are literally trained by the military to know that the things that are trying to kill you are attracted by sound, I will never know. But let’s ignore that fact for a second.

The gameplay itself is really creative and relaxed for taking place in the world it does, it’s like being a “Neanderthal teen” in some big abandoned building and not really much in an apocalypse setting. You know, until they play the loud music like they expected that to be safe. But nonetheless, great game.

I do not wish to spoil any of the main content of the game, so this is about as much as I can say. But, you can leave a comment to reccomend what I should review next!

With that said, I give The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC 5 Knives out of 5 🙂 See ya later!

latest?cb=20130722172356 - The Last Of Us: Left Behind Review (Minor Spoilers)

Reviewing The Last of Us (Spoilers)

The Last of Us is a Zombie Survival game with a story, you start out the Game as Sarah a girl seeming to be between the age of 11 and 14. She is waiting in the living room for her father, Joel, to arrive. He does as he argues with his brother Tommy about a contractor. Sarah gives him a present as it is his birthday,a watch. But she falls asleep only to be woken hours later by her uncle urgently asking for Joel.

This is where we find that there has been an outbreak of a virus that takes over the brain.

But if you Played this game already, you know that. With The Last of Us 2 finally on the calendar I figured it would be a good idea to give my take on the first game, the DLC, and my expectations and theories for the second.

The point of the game after the intro of “Part 1” is that you travel to take a girl named Ellie to the FireFlies, a group of rebels from the government that believe they can find the cure to the virus. The scary thing about the virus is that is based off a real virus that infects insects and Anthropods, but thankfully not humans.

The reason you must escort Ellie is because she is immune to the virus and the FireFlies believe they can use her to make a vaccine.

It’s a surprisingly long and tedious game to actually make it to the FireFlies, but let’s leave what happens after you get there a surprise 🙂

Up till that point though, you get to fight Infected, team up with NPCs, watch them die, read other people’s stories of how they died on random pieces of paper, all adding up to a grand total 15+ hours of game play depending on how much optional side story you want to take in.

It might be long, especially if you can’t aim, but it’s an amazing game with an amazing story and exceptional dynamic characters.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 Watches

joel s watch by xyafeax d7v98r3 - Reviewing The Last of Us (Spoilers)

This review is running on long, so I shall review the DLC known as The Last of Us: Left Behind on a later date, possibly tomorrow because it would be too perfect, but why is a secret for now 😉