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More Rick and Morty! Halloween Spooktacular 20!

Hey Guys! You seemed to like the last blog on this topic. So I decided to give you what you seem to want! More Rick and Morty! Now I’m going to start with Episode One of Season One. This episode starts with Rick keeping Morty up all night and making him tired for school, he then pulls Morty from school for the day to help him get the seed of a mega fruit for vague but clearly selfish reasons.

But Jeff and Beth are finding out that Morty had attended school for 7 hours total that semester. Jebus I wish I could have gotten away with something like that in school. Just kidding, stay in school kids.

But anyways they get back home through customs because Rick’s Portal Gun runs out of power. My question is why not try to power it with a mega fruit seed or something. From my point of view if Rick was a real scientist he would try that. He only even got stuck because he went sleeping around instead of coming right back to heal Morty of his broken legs caused by Rick’s own negligence to tell him to turn his all terrain boots on.

After all that Rick wants Morty to smuggle the seeds up his butt through customs. There’s a sentence I thought I would never write. Anyhow, in the process admitting to having done this many times before. Morty had not even heard of this fruit before then, so it was without him. Why bring him along this time?

Because Rick only thinks of himself and sees Morty as a tool, but I do see him in later clips in the series, protect “his” Morty and Summer But we’ll get to that later. I can’t say he is entirely in everything for himself. But some of the things he does seems to endanger his family, and sometimes he saves them from danger related to him or not.

But back to the episode. They shoot through customs and Rick tricks Beth and Jeff into thinking he’s teaching Morty things and letting him stay. Then yammers on until credits.

Maybe he’s just a crazy old man. Good enough for me.

Anyways, I give the very first episode of Rick and Morty 3.8 Mega Fruit seeds out of 5. Let me know what to review next in the comments! And if you want more Rick and Morty You can watch this episode and more here.

Halloween Spooktacular #15 Codename: Kids Next Door!

Hey guys! I thought I’d go a little retro for this review and do an old favorite from my childhood. The Codename Kids Next Door. And in the spirit of Halloween we will be exploring a scary episode, where Count Spank-u-lot spanks Numbuh One (who is ironically named Nigel Uno.) without his gloves. Which turns him into a Spank-u-lot vampire. The only way to change him back, is to spank the original spanking vampire.

Later, this happens. But not before Nigel spanks almost his entire team for breaking various rules put in place by the second in command, Abigal Franklin AKA Numbuh Five. One by one he gets them, all except Abigal who makes it to dawn and takes them all to the prison where Spank-u-lot is being held. They find out he breaks the rules to get Nigel there. Which triggers them to spank him and turn back to normal.

Not very scary now that I’m older, but as a child this shook me to my core.It scared me into almost believing spanking vampires exist. And that thought is terrifying even today. Almost more than Operation: Zero. Should I review that one next? Let me know in the comments! I believe that’s all the reviewing time I have for today. I give this episode 2.5 Count Spank-u-lot Gloves out of Five.

What should I review next? More Kids Next Door? Something else? An Object? I’m open to almost literally any suggestion. Just ask, don’t be shy! 🙂

I guess I’ll go for real now. See ya! 🙂

Oh, before I forget, you can watch Codename: Kids Next Door, specifically the episode I just reviewed here.

Ok this time for real, goodbye, have a good day, or night, or whatever. See ya laters. Peace to the Middle East. Please come read my blog again.

Rick and Morty Halloween Spooktaculer! Day 11!

Welcome to my first impression of Rick and Morty for our Halloween Spooktacular! I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do this all month, but I’m already a third the way through if you don’t do the math accurately! I’m not watching in any particular order and have only seen two episodes of which gave me a general gist of the main cast.

Morty wants to prove himself to Rick who I think already believes in him whether he says it or not. Rick is a pretentious but secretly loving in small ways jerk. There are many of the two in multiple universes across the multiverse and all of them are different in some way.

Summer is the granddaughter, Jerry is the son-in-law, Beth is the daugther, all in relation to Rick. Morty is also Rick’s Grandson, Summer’s younger brother, and Beth and Jerry’s son. The show unsurprisingly revolves around Rick and Morty, but a shock to me it mostly seems to revolve around Rick.

Probably because I’m used to Cartoon Network and the cartoons revolving around kids. Yes, I watch Cartoon Network. If you read my review on Steven Universe, you would know that. Yes, Steven Universe is from Cartoon Network.

Anywho, I believe I’ll keep watching Rick and Morty, if you haven’t, I recommend you start. You can purchase season 1 for viewing here.

Well that’s about all the time I have for this review. Have a Spooktacular October! What should I review next? Leave me a suggestion in the comments! See ya!

I give Rick and Morty so far, 4.5 Portal Guns out of 5. Minus 0.5 Portal Guns for ripping off Portal though. Just kidding, I’m just not a fan of excessive profanity. Though there is something charming about the cursing in this.

Ok, I’m really gonna shut up this time. Goodnight!


Reviewing Steven Universe (Spoilers, Lots of)

I am a Crystal Fan, I don’t know what else to say, to go with this cool beat, to intro this blog today. That’s why I’m just gonna get right to it, and inform you all, ok?

So with that fail behind us, I’m here to talk about Steven Universe, the first cartoon to teach the proper names of Cystals, all while mispronouncing a few!:

Now this could have to do with Rebecca Sugar’s (the show’s writer) accent and that’s perfectly ok. I’ll personally keep pronouncing it the way she does because I can. Now with that out of the way, Steven Universe is a cartoon on Cartoon Network about a half human half mystical holograph somehow with mass projected by a gemstone on his body, Said Gemstone is a Rose Quartz which was his mother’s, Rose Quartz.

Rose was the leader of a group of gems that rebelled against the Homeworld Gems who wanted to take over the earth and use it to drain it’s resources to create more gems for their civilization. Homeworld uses an oppressive Caste system on it’s people to keep them in check, the Diamonds are the monarchs, Quartz are soldiers, Pearls are servants, and several gems are several other things.

After the Gem War which the rebels known as the Crystal Gem fought against Homeworld, only Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Rose seem to survive, Rose later gives up her physical form to give birth to Steven, leaving him in the care of Greg and the remaining Crystal Gems.

The draw of this cartoon is it’s character development. In the first episode Steven was a goofy kid obsessed with “Cookie Cats” and personally I couldn’t stand him, but by the second episode he was pretty tolerable and soon enough he was in my eyes arguably more mature than most adults in my real life.

Like at one point when going on missions to fight Homeworld gems actually puts him in danger, and he sees the effect it has on his friends and family, he tries to distance himself believing they won’t get hurt if they don’t know what’s going on, but his friends and family push through to him to prove they believe in him and want to help him, even if it’s dangerous.

There’s a lot to say about Steven Universe, so I think I’ll end it here. But I’ll happily do more in the future on Steven Universe related topics if there is a demand, or any topic really, so long as it’s reasonable and known that I have the discretion to deny any request or cancel any request for any reason.

But enough about that, tune out of the review to this awesome song and rejoin me next time on Evereview!

Heroes (Season 1) Review (Spoilers)

Not too long ago, my boyfriend introduced me to a live action TV series called Heroes. (Note: not the reboot series called Heroes Reborn.) But the original.

It starts with a man named Peter Patrelli who dreams he has the ability to fly and believes he can do it in real life as a result. From there he’s obsessed with finding merit in the dream. From there on the level of WTF is just so high you almost can’t guess what a character will go through until you get really good at coming up with the craziest possible plot twist you can think of.

I really don’t want to spoil too much, because oh my goodness this stuff is just too good to just read about. I recommend this series for any lover of plot twists and chaos out there. Be warned though, there is blood, gore, and violence throughout the series so viewer discretion is advised.

I personally am not a fan of blood and gore, but it is well worth sitting through for the content of the show. A rule of thumb is that if you think something will turn out some way you can almost be sure that it won’t be that.

That said, I don’t want to post too much information or images so all I can say is go watch for yourself if any of what I described in this review appeals to you.

I’ll give this show 5 Horn Rimmed Glasses out of 5. (Watch the show, it will all make sense. 😉 )