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FloBoi Halloween Spooktacular #17 Another YouTube Review

Today we are reviewing a Minecraft YouTuber named FloBoi. Alert though, if you have epilepsy I would definitely not watch his outro. I have not seen every one of his videos, but he shows promise. He has nearly a 1000 subscriber count and a high view count on his videos for not having 1000 subs yet. I’ll give similar advice I gave to the BronzeMiner in this review.

I would say make longer videos and post more often if you can. But I would also avoid offensive language like used at around 3:40 in this video. You shouldn’t say the R word dude, it’s below you. It’s offensive to people with learning disabilities such as myself. But I will talk about that later in another review if anybody wants to know.

But yeah, you need more content, your editing is very good. I mean top notch in some places. Like Jack or Markiplier. I believe you could be a real PrestonPlayz with your editing here. It’s great that you have PC now, it opens up the minecraft world to you. You can play minigames though I do not recommend bedwars on Hypixel, it’s fun when there’s no hackers. But that’s the biggest catch nowadays. Maybe try MinePlex or something. You could make Eggwars on Cubecraft super popular again too.

So in conclusion, Make more videos more often, maybe even PC minigames for Minecraft, Don’t use offensive language. Now I understand that is a hard one for some, it may be common language where you are, but trust me. I’m saying this warning for the YouTubers just as much as the viewers. Also, now that you have PC you can post a wider variety of things. Like Parkour or continuing that Let’s Play. I personally want to see that. Nobody let’s play’s vanilla anymore. You can bring it back. Also, make a less flashy outro, maybe to match your intro. You can have people with Light sensitivity issues watch you that way, meaning a bigger audience.

Well that’s all I have for today. I give FloBoi 3.5 Minecraft Temples out of 5.

See ya!

Voting on Issue 2 Halloween Spooktacular #16

Hi guys, today I wanted to get a little political, which is scary to do on the internet. First and foremost, I plan to vote yes on Issue 2. I do consider myself a democrat, but mostly a human being with medical issues. Issue 2 is all about the prices of drugs from big drug companies. Some will argue that they (the drug companies) should be able to charge whatever they want.

But that is not viable. Eventually the prices would reach an amount that only the 1% can pay. Maybe not anytime soon, but I believe eventually. And that is bad for business. Because that means 99% of people cannot and therefore will not pay the price you set. You would have more customers, and by logical reasoning make more money, at an affordable price.

So not only from the moral standpoint, but a business one, I am voting yes on Issue 2. Not everyone will, but I can, and that does make a difference. You can make a difference too. Whatever you vote for by whatever logic. I encourage you to vote if you are eligible to. I am not here to tell you what way to vote. Just to share my humble opinion and hopefully encourage other people to share theirs. If you want to know more about mine, you can look here.

Because no matter what you say I believe you have the right to say it, except for threats of death or violence. That is immature and unnecessary. No one ever needs to die or be hurt over anything. That is my belief.

Well that is about all the time I have for this blog today. I’m sorry if I missed a blog. I think I did? I’ll make up for it some time later if I see or am told that I did. Let me know what to blog or review next in the comments!

See ya! 🙂

Halloween Spooktacular #15 Codename: Kids Next Door!

Hey guys! I thought I’d go a little retro for this review and do an old favorite from my childhood. The Codename Kids Next Door. And in the spirit of Halloween we will be exploring a scary episode, where Count Spank-u-lot spanks Numbuh One (who is ironically named Nigel Uno.) without his gloves. Which turns him into a Spank-u-lot vampire. The only way to change him back, is to spank the original spanking vampire.

Later, this happens. But not before Nigel spanks almost his entire team for breaking various rules put in place by the second in command, Abigal Franklin AKA Numbuh Five. One by one he gets them, all except Abigal who makes it to dawn and takes them all to the prison where Spank-u-lot is being held. They find out he breaks the rules to get Nigel there. Which triggers them to spank him and turn back to normal.

Not very scary now that I’m older, but as a child this shook me to my core.It scared me into almost believing spanking vampires exist. And that thought is terrifying even today. Almost more than Operation: Zero. Should I review that one next? Let me know in the comments! I believe that’s all the reviewing time I have for today. I give this episode 2.5 Count Spank-u-lot Gloves out of Five.

What should I review next? More Kids Next Door? Something else? An Object? I’m open to almost literally any suggestion. Just ask, don’t be shy! 🙂

I guess I’ll go for real now. See ya! 🙂

Oh, before I forget, you can watch Codename: Kids Next Door, specifically the episode I just reviewed here.

Ok this time for real, goodbye, have a good day, or night, or whatever. See ya laters. Peace to the Middle East. Please come read my blog again.

Rick and Morty Halloween Spooktaculer! Day 11!

Welcome to my first impression of Rick and Morty for our Halloween Spooktacular! I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do this all month, but I’m already a third the way through if you don’t do the math accurately! I’m not watching in any particular order and have only seen two episodes of which gave me a general gist of the main cast.

Morty wants to prove himself to Rick who I think already believes in him whether he says it or not. Rick is a pretentious but secretly loving in small ways jerk. There are many of the two in multiple universes across the multiverse and all of them are different in some way.

Summer is the granddaughter, Jerry is the son-in-law, Beth is the daugther, all in relation to Rick. Morty is also Rick’s Grandson, Summer’s younger brother, and Beth and Jerry’s son. The show unsurprisingly revolves around Rick and Morty, but a shock to me it mostly seems to revolve around Rick.

Probably because I’m used to Cartoon Network and the cartoons revolving around kids. Yes, I watch Cartoon Network. If you read my review on Steven Universe, you would know that. Yes, Steven Universe is from Cartoon Network.

Anywho, I believe I’ll keep watching Rick and Morty, if you haven’t, I recommend you start. You can purchase season 1 for viewing here.

Well that’s about all the time I have for this review. Have a Spooktacular October! What should I review next? Leave me a suggestion in the comments! See ya!

I give Rick and Morty so far, 4.5 Portal Guns out of 5. Minus 0.5 Portal Guns for ripping off Portal though. Just kidding, I’m just not a fan of excessive profanity. Though there is something charming about the cursing in this.

Ok, I’m really gonna shut up this time. Goodnight!


Halloween Spooktacular Day 10! BronzeMiner Spooky Map

Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing a smaller youtube channel upon the request of said channel which I shall link here. I’m counting this for the Spooktacular as she did play a spooky Halloween map and various other spooky things.

Like Roblox, Minecraft, Vlogging. This girl does it all. An undiscovered Markiplier I’d venture. He started out with Minecraft too. Currently at 38 subscribers, she has more than I ever hope to have. I basically don’t even use mine anymore and use my boyfriend’s channel for minecraft linked here.

A word of advice to the BronzeMiner, make longer videos. Not only will it make people more likely to actually watch. (Because if it’s longer it seems to interest people more.) But it will also give you more “Watch Minutes” which goes into the YouTube Algorithm in a confuzzling way. It’s mainly how your channel is promoted on the website and how you get your revenue if you make any. I do not. But you might.

I personally love Minecraft. And by extension, Minecraft videos. So if you follow with my advice, you may very well have a new subscriber. Another good thing to use is Facecam in your videos. It makes it more personal, and therefore more likely to keep people watching. I would love to see that, I like playing games with my friends. So I would watch you regularly probably, if you have a facecam.

Beyond that, you’re doing ok. Even getting people to advertise for you like a pro! Well folks, I guess that is all the time I have for this review. Before I go, I was requested to write review articles for writer’s credit and publicity on another website. Should I do it? Let me know in the comments! Also tell me what I should review next!

See Ya!