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Amy’s Doughnuts Review

Hi all my faithful readers, I am back from the dead after dealing with some technical difficulties that made my blog unreadable. I had to seek outside help, but good ol’ Raees pulled through for me like I knew he would. If you’re reading this, thanks for the help man. Down in the comments you should thank him too, he’s the reason my whole blog even exists.

Gushing and intros aside, today I want to review Amy’s Doughnuts. I went there not long ago, with my friend and kid brother. They had numerous kinds of doughnuts. Some I’ve never seen or heard of, I’m sure that they made at least some of them up. It’s a very unique doughnut shop.

But there are a couple of pitfalls you’ll want to consider before deciding to make a trip to Amy’s. For starters, and this is the big one that will most likely hider more people: They only have two locations. One is in Columbus, Ohio, the other is in Colorado Springs. Both US only locations. But if you live in Tucson, Arizona USA that is their next confirmed location according to their website:

The pitfall that fell close to home for me, is that they do not have their nutrition information in really any form. Sure, the website tells you that there are no gluten free or vegan doughnuts available. But if you are a diabetic, you have no idea how much sugar is in the doughnut to take your insulin properly and you are left to guess.

Nutrition information should be a must in any establishment that serves food. But I understand that it is a new establishment and is not able to serve all people, even if it should be. So if you aren’t diabetic or have severe food allergies or other medical affliction that makes eating certain doughnuts a no-no, go on in and get a doughnut, but make sure there’s one near you first.

That said, That’s my review. It’s a good place to eat, provided you can. and I rate this establishment 3.5 Over The Rainbow Doughnuts out of 5.

rainbowdoughnut 1 300x300 - Amy's Doughnuts Review

Until next time, also, tell me what I should review next down below! 🙂