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Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month

Happy Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month!

Hello my fellow Internet Explorers, I wanted to talk today about something I’ve been meaning to, but kept forgetting to cover for a few weeks now. As some of you may or may not be aware, April is Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month. So to my ASD readers and friends, I love you all, just as you are. Do not believe the sham that is Autism Speaks. Because though it does, it does not need to be cured. You need no cure because you are not sick. Just different.

And different is wonderful. You are wonderful and beautiful just the way you are and you do not need to change for anyone. And I’m talking to everyone, not just those with ASD. I mean all of the beautiful people in the world, everyone. Every person has worth and purpose and you can reach your full potential. For the sky is the limit no matter how much help you need to start the climb.

But remember that you can climb it with the right tools and friends at your side. I hope to have at least made a difference in one person’s day today by sharing how much I believe in you, yes, you, reading this now.

Goodbye For Now My Autism Spectrum Disorder Friends!

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I love you all you guys, girls and those in between. And I’ll see all you dudes in the next post.