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Pokémon GO: First Impressions

I’m a level 6 member of Team Valor, the red team. Valor is one of three possible teams to support. The other two being Instinct, Team Yellow, and Blue, Team Mystic. You can only join one of these teams by going to a gym once you hit Trainer Level 5. It’s not too difficult to reach and there are Gyms in a lot of  places. You can pay for in game items like Pokéballs (That is to say, you can when the store decides to work.) In some places you can not yet access the store or even the game just yet.

But to those with the game you can easily farm up more Pokéballs and other items from the store for free by leveling up or traveling to a PokéStop. The PokéStop is a random landmark on the map that gives you random items such as Pokéballs, Eggs, Incense, Lures, Potions, and other in-game items, all for free. They reset every few minutes so you can literally go to a PokéStop and farm for items by staying there. Or you can travel about to different PokéStops and catch Pokémon while you farm the items.

I know that at certain levels you can catch Pokémon of a higher CP (Combat Points) and even get better items to catch the higher CP of Pokemon. So you don’t have to worry about trying to catch Mew with a regular red and white Pokéball. That said, right now only the Pokémon from Gen One are in the game, great for people who like that, but sad for Umbreon fans.

That’s all I can really say for a First Impression, but I do have some tips and tricks for gameplay if anyone would like that in a later post, but you have to ask for it.

Overall I rate the current edition of Pokémon GO 1.75 Pokéballs out of 5. Mainly due to all the technical issues and that the game is not officially available globally. My friends from the UK want to catch Pokémon too. I will update the rating later when there are more updates to the app. But for now there’s a lot of issues, but the game is great the 30% of the time that it works.

Until next time, make sure to comment on what you think my next post should be. Bye guys 🙂