Back With A Warning

Hello everyone,

I would like to apologize about my long hiatus. I had personal issues to deal with that is currently still ongoing, but I would like to take the time to warn all my readers of an upcoming possible danger to those who post in forums. To all who remember one of my previous posts warning of a forum with an incompetent Administrator, the owner of the forum, that forum has now been shut down and a member I am well acquainted with on another forum has confirmed to have not been paid for her posts on the forum, which claims to be PTP (Paid To Post.)

This Admin is now not only has shown publicly that he is incapable to manage a forum community, but that he also is what the community of online workers know as a Scammer. His new forum: is not reliable for income. To those who post on forums for enjoyment, he is not a very good listener. So if you have any trouble, he will likely not help you.

To those who want proof of his negligence, I still have the screenshot from his last forum: whatsgood 1 300x225 - Back With A Warning

This was in response to complaints about a feature where members could steal points from each other. The forum owner instead of taking the feature away, which was not smart to add in the first place, simply condescended the community. By stating that they should read the reception and learn to use the bank. Never in all my years on the internet have I seen a forum admin that was so publicly rude to it’s members, all well having obvious grammar mistakes, especially in the post he used to condescend.

With that said, I would advice you to avoid his new forum and all forums or otherwise web-based content and communities until he learns to be more responsible.

Please leave down in the comments what you want me to review/blog about next and I will consider it. Goodbye for now!

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