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Hello world!

Hi all, welcome to the very first blog post of Evereview, I am the Evereviewer, forever reviewing, everything. Now as a disclaimer, I don’t literally mean I will review EVERYTHING. If I did that, I don’t think I could ever stop writing. But my ultimate goal is to review a wide plethora of things, services, topics, people, and more. I want to review things that there are little reviews on, Like for example, content creators on Youtube. There are not that many reviews on Youtube content creators, who are otherwise known as Youtubers. At least I haven’t seen many.

By “review” I mean at least a semi in-depth analysis of said Youtuber and their content, with or without bias. This is being generous about the amount of time spent writing, grammar and spelling, a word count of some semi significant number, and a number of other aspects that are present in an actual review. But if you find a review of the sort that is more than a Facebook post, let me know. I’ll happily read it and potentially review that review.

In the basic gist of this blog I will review anything and everything that I do so wish to review. I will accept requests if I have knowledge of or can obtain knowledge of whatever is requested if I can. I reserve the right to decline any request that is undoable though. But I will try to do all I can, because that’s all I can do. I want to be your one stop blog that allows no unjust judgement. I tell only the truth of what I know and I promise to never lie to my readers.

So if you want honest reviews on random things, you came to the right place. I accept no bribes for good reviews or to slander any product, person, or service. I want to be legit. So leave a comment on what you think I should review!