And Once Again We Rise From The Ashes

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And Once Again We Rise From The Ashes

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PhoenixWright - And Once Again We Rise From The Ashes

A Phoenix From The Ashes

And once again we are back and better than ever. Woah boy did you guys really kill it. You guys brutalized the register button and we shot passed 300 subscribers as I last remember being the count and now our little truth giving family is over 1500 strong. Good job all of you. I dunno how or why you did it, but you did. And I am so happy about it.

What happened while I was Gone

Well I have been gone for many months, that’s no secret. And a lot went down while I was away. Corona for example. Don’t worry, I don’t have it nor did I at any point. I have been rather healthy physically speaking, it’s the mental part why I was gone. I’m a different person on my medications than I am off of them. And off meds me can’t handle posting frequently or much at all really. I’m still unemployed, but I hope to get disability for my mental health because it is, as you all witness every time I disappear for months, extremely debilitating.

But no need to worry! I am back on my proper medications and am just bursting with productivity. I have even uploaded on youtube daily for the last few days! You can watch my at this time most recent video here

And Now I Wish To Use This Rhyme To Go Back Home Until Next Time

Well that is all the time I have for you today my fellow Internet Explorers! I’ll catch you groovy guys, gals and non-binary pals later. Please follow me on all social medias linked around the site if you want and give this post a like if you enjoyed reading of my grand return. Also go on and purchase my book if you want something read while we’re all stuck inside.

I’ll see you in the next post!


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